X-Rated Recipes

Ha! Gotcha, didn't I? Well, they say sex sells.

The X I'm referring to is actually P90X. It's the Workout of Choice here at Cafe 305. We've both done P90X, P90X Plus the One on One DVDs of Tony Horton, Insanity, Asylum and now P90X2. The first year we started, Pootie lost about 55 pounds. We won't talk about me. I'm strong like ox, but did not get Lynda Hamilton's body from Terminator 2. I have a little trouble giving up my butter. And there's the fact that if I'm not sitting, I'm not working. So the workout is about all the exercise I manage to get during the week. But I love it, and do want to eat healthier. After all, I have had breast cancer now, and I need to do whatever I can to mitigate recurrence.
The purpose of this page is to collect the postings from this site that have recipes on the lighter side. P90X compatible, as it were. I believe food is to be enjoyed. It's not just sustenance. But food that's good for you doesn't have to be bland and boring. You will not find me in that category of people who think you can't ever eat red meat or a potato and be healthy. It's about balance.  So please note that not ALL of these recipes are going to be super low-calorie. But they will be reasonably low-fat, healthy, and very tasty. And it's all food I have cooked during the past year, and Pootie was eating it all. And still lost 55 pounds.
So without further ado, here are a few .pdf copies of recipes I like that I cook regularly. And check back. I'll update this page as I try new food!

White Bean and Chicken Chili (leave off the sour cream and bacon garnish)

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