Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Backyards, Beer, Babies and Three Bean Salad

There were a lot of changes while we were gone. Kids grew, lots of new babies were born, houses were sold, and we got several new neighbors on the street. We hadn't been home long until we'd crossed paths with the sweet family two doors down. Dan and Amanda and new baby Leo (I wasn't kidding about the lots of babies thing) are fixing up one of the older houses that needed some TLC. Of course I wasn't going to let much time go by before we had them over. That wouldn't be like me at all.

A Sunday lunch was arranged, and we had a great visit in the backyard over some beers, a roast chicken, and a three bean salad that I wanted to try out of the cookbook Mom got me. I'm all ready to settle back into my Southern-ness after 8 months away.

I've modified it slightly, because the original recipe has raw onions and green pepper in it, and we all know how I am about that. Also, I suck at following instructions. It's simply not in my nature. (This is why I am not allowed to buy furniture at IKEA.)

I recommend this cookbook for anyone who wants to know something about Southern culture. It's been an interesting read aside from the good recipes. And the first two recipes are for bourbon drinks, so obviously I was immediately hooked.

This three bean salad is fresh and easy to make, and perfect as a summer picnic side. If you'd like to invite your own new neighbors over , here's the .pdf