Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back Home and Busy


Since we've been home, we've:

1. Enjoyed our house, yard, and wearing sandals.

2. Caught up with our nature-watching.

Twenty-two mating toads. Y'all get ready for frogpocalypse!
 3. Gone to eat at one of our favorite restaurants! Double Happiness! Holla, May!

I missed that coconut cake. SO! MUCH!!!
4. Bought groceries in our super new Harris Teeter. (!)

Just LOOK at those gorgeous shrimp!
 5. Reveled in the little luxuries of home.

Holy Crap! It makes its own ice!
6. Got a new mouse before I became homicidal, and got our broken washing machine fixed.


7.  Went to see my family so I could get a look at my dad and see how he was doing from his kidney surgery. And play with my nephew. When Dad would let him go.
8. Came back home and tore out the old, rotting wooden walkway and replaced it.
Goodbye, potential lawsuit!
My nail-hammering form was ridiculed.
Much better.
9. Got the rot under control on the shed with a new door and some flashing and trim replacement.
Ready for paint!
10. Restocked the bar and texted pictures of the prices to Dennis and Megan back in Newfoundland so they would be jealous. Because we're that guy.
10. Crawled around under the house.
One of us was not enthusiastic. The respirator pads on the right are why you wear that horrible thing down there.
11. Cut holes in the walls and ceilings.
The best part was when Pootie forgot to check to see if the shop vac he'd hooked to that giant hole saw had a filter. Have y'all ever seen a shop vac spew plaster dust? Whoo!
12.  Met new neighbors, visited with old neighbors and friends, and held some of the new babies.
Two of several born while we were gone!
13.  Spent some time reconnecting with my heritage and planning some cooking! (FINALLY, right?)
I wouldn't go so far as to say we're settled back in - we still have several projects going. But the kitchen of 305 is open, and I've got some stuff to share with you!
Just as soon as I vacuum up all the plaster dust.

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