Monday, May 13, 2013

Andie's Big Adventure: Home Again, Home Again!

And so, 234 days after leaving home (but who's counting?) we walked into the loving arms of our friends and family.

Please be assured that the very next day, I got a haircut. I couldn't deal with the witch hair anymore. I apologize for the back of my head in this video.

When I first told everyone that I really wanted them there to greet us, a couple of them said I was nuts - The Canada Cold had gotten to my head. Why on earth would I want to come home to a rowdy houseful of people and kids. I'd be worn out! But I can't imagine being gone from everyone for so long and walking into a quiet, empty, dark house. And good lord, did you notice that within 60 seconds of pulling up in the driveway, we both had drinks? Oh, also, we made everyone unload the truck and car while we basked in the glory of our Estate. Sure, I'm crazy. Like a fox.

So instead of tomblike silence, we got a house full of boisterous joy and love and laughter, old friends, new babies (!) and evidence that despite the fact that life had gone on while we were away,people did apparently miss us and were glad we were back.

This. THIS, is what our house is supposed to look like, goddammit! Full of people! Please ignore my witch hair.

We planned our arrival party weeks before we hit the road, and with the help of our neighbors Darlene and Jim, Phillip's mom, our brother-in-law Craig (who also took the video THANK YOU CRAIG!) our nephew Benjamin, and Zoe's, we had one of the best homecoming parties ever. Zoe's provided the food, Craig and Benjamin iced down the beer and set up the backyard, Mrs. Reid brought and chilled the wine, and Darlene flitted in and out like a bee, fussing and helping and cleaning and serving and organizing.

It was good and bad to see the kids. They obviously had not followed my orders and stopped growing while we were gone. Look at the young women! I swear to god Liza was four when we left. Good lord. Someone hold my walker while I grab a stiff drink.

Pootie knows how to relax. He was a tiny bit happy to get home. And put on shorts. And remove his shoes. Goodbye, glacial cold! Hello, hookworm!

We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to go to Newfoundland and see such a beautiful place and meet the wonderful people we can now call our friends. Megan and Dennis and Sadie. Neil and Kim and Margot and Ewan. Kathryn and Mavis and Bern and Jessie (bark, bark, Mavis and Jessie!). The grumpy old guy who lived at the end of our street, but was always sweet to me. Trevor, Brianna, Lyndsay, Shay, Curtis, Frank, Mike, Matt, Luke. The little blue house on the cove  - we miss you all!

But truly, there's no place like home. Our own home. Our own kitchen. Our own backyard.

Our own bed.

Especially after 234 days away.

Welcome back to 305, y'all.


Phillip Reid said...

Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being the loudest videographer ever. Clearly, I have not been trained! Craig

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Now quit blogging and cook something, would you? xxoo M.