Friday, April 12, 2013

Andie's Big Adventure: Going Home! Day One

Buh-Bah, Portugal Cove and St. John's!

Well, it's finally winding down. I have enjoyed our time in Newfoundland, but I have been very ready to go home and see my friends and family. Then I went from "very ready" to "extremely anxious" when I found out last week that my dad has a cancer on his kidney and has to have it removed. The whole kidney. The day after we were scheduled to leave. I told my family no getting married, no getting divorced, no having babies, and no going in the hospital while I was up here. But as usual, they didn't listen. It's been tough being so far away and not able to get there.

We got on the road Thursday morning headed for Corner Brook. Dinky spent the first hour pacing and panting in the back seat, then finally settled down and went to sleep. The scenery was beautiful toward Corner Brook - tall mountains, lovely fiords - and in the middle of all that beauty, a Tim Horton's cup rolling around in the middle of a deserted highway. Newfoundland has a litter problem.

We drove through some really strange weather. It would be sunny and sleeting and snowing hard. Then drizzly. Then snow. Then sunny. Rinse and repeat all the way to Corner Brook.

We had gotten the cars washed before we left. They were so pretty and shiny!

Yep. Didn't last long in that weather.

We had thought (foolishly) that it was a 7 hour drive. Turns out it was more like 9 plus change. Pootie was fit to be tied, because we were going to eat dinner at the home of one of the professors there and we were running late. And he hadn't saved the email with the phone number. And the address.

We are well-organized, that's what we are!

We did arrive in one piece, managed to get to the hotel and call our host and get directions. We were only about 20 minutes late. The hotel wouldn't let us leave Dinky in the room, so he got to be a dinner guest too. He was very well behaved and didn't drink too much and embarrass us.

It was a long first day on the road, but the bed was comfortable.

Stay tuned for more terrible phone pictures and the rest of our trip home. HOME!

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