Thursday, December 13, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: The Portugal Cove Christmas Parade

A couple of weeks ago, we had visitors for a long weekend. And check it! They came in with some snow! See our backyard?

Our good friends Carol and David made the long and somewhat troublesome trip from North Carolina up to Newfoundland. They came in with a bit of snow and a lot of wind, so they naturally experienced some delays. They arrived about three or four hours late, so that made them even happier to see us. After feeding them a dinner of cod, which made the house smell so bad we thought we'd have to move out, we took them to their Inn and made plans to drag them hither and yon for the weekend.

We took them to The Rooms for lunch and the view. David was so happy that it was cold and snowy so he could get some "Canada weather". I was, too. Isn't it pretty?

We took them on a tour of Phillip's campus, Memorial University (MUN). And through the Munnels. (Underground walkways. Dragging through cold, wet weather can get old after awhile.)

We took them to the Johnson Geo Centre, where we saw Dennis (he runs the building there) and to the top of Signal Hill for a brief and very windy view of the city.

We took them to the Duke of Duckworth for lunch and had an authentic Newfoundland Pub Lunch served by an authentically hungover waitress! (That information was volunteered by our server. I did not make it up.)

After all the coming and going, we all decided that Sunday, we would do what we do best and most often, which is play games. P. brought Puerto Rico (the game, not the country) in the hopes that they would come up for a visit, so we spent the day at their cottage watching Carol absolutely smear us.

Poor lonely Pootie.
I had an ulterior motive for wanting to be there on Sunday afternoon. The Portugal Cove Christmas Parade was coming right by their front door! How convenient is that?

After Carol ground us into the Puerto Rican sand, we bundled up and went outside for the parade. I love parades!

It had lots of kids from Beachy Cove Elementary wearing Santa hats and having a great time.

It had fire trucks and beauty queens and clowns. I'd like to mention here to anyone from Portugal Cove reading this - if you want to run with the rednecks down South, you really need to up your game. Blare those sirens and honk the horns like they do at the Carolina Beach Christmas Parade! It's about scaring small children and deafening the people watching, y'all. And shooting guns and setting things on fire. Sometimes.

And woolly snowmen and Bigfoot elves and elves who apparently went shopping.

And baby beauty queens and dogs in tutus (who probably shouldn't speak to their people anymore for humiliating them like that) and more clowns. So that I could have nightmares. I really hate clowns. They give me the creeps. But these were pretty nice.

And our hero, the road clearer-offer! Snowplow. Whatever. One of the many pieces of large equipment that keep the ice and snow off the roads so we can drive to the Wal-Marks.

And Mummers with Ugly Sticks. Many people have tried to explain this to me, but I'm still not really clear on the concept. It's something between Trick-or-Treating and party crashing, and they wear pieces of cloth draped over their faces so no one knows who they are. Which honestly kind of freaked me out until someone explained it, because some of them look like KKK members and that's uncool. And they carry ugly sticks, which have stuff that makes noise. Some of them appear to actually be musical instruments, like the ones in Emmet Otter's jug band.

I'm trying to understand the strange customs of these jolly, dishcloth-wearing people.

One of them danced with Carol. They looked like they were having a lot of fun. And so were we!

Carol and David seemed to enjoy their trip quite a lot.  We're so glad they made the trip so we could share some of the great sights of Newfoundland. Mummers included.