Saturday, December 29, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: The Holidays

Well, another holiday season, come and gone. But this wasn't just another holiday season. We were 1800 miles from home for this Christmas. Which meant some new experiences!

Like the Mummer's Parade!

This is a tradition that goes back quite a long time. Initially it was about social inversion. The have-nots would dress up in disguise and go visit the haves, where they were fed and liquored up and allowed to have a go at the upper class (hence the disguises) with no ramifications. My neighbor Kathryn says not too long ago, they would dress up and crash parties, but it started making people uncomfortable. So now they pretty much dress up and have parades.

Pootie's advisor Neil and his son Ewan took us to observe. Of course, I had to get a picture of the beautiful Newfie I saw. I told Pootie I was going to write a photo journal called "Dogs I Have Met While Walking" and he said that would be one he would not be reading. Be that way. A lot of times they're nicer than people.

Isn't he cute? Ewan, not Neil. Neil is cute too, but I'll leave telling him that to his wife. Look at those eyes! And that hat! I want that hat. It was interesting, and we enjoyed it. Thanks to Neil and Ewan for bringing us along! We were sorry Kim and Margot couldn't make it.

Another new experience for us during the holiday season was snow. Snow! We've certainly gotten snow back home, and a couple of times, it's even been on Christmas Day or the day after. But nothing like this snow.

More than an inch, for sure. It didn't stick around long, but we enjoyed it while it was here. One of us especially much.

The Cove was beautiful.

We went for a walk at Pippy Park in the middle of St. John's after ours all melted to enjoy it some more.

The woods and marshes there are lovely. No, we didn't see any moose.

Next time it snows, we want to do some sledding and cross-country skiing.

But for this trip, we just wandered.

And we were fortunate enough to get to spend Christmas Eve with Megan and Dennis and Sadie and Dennis's mom. I got Sadie her own Magic Bunny. She already has one, but she tried to make off with mine one time she was here, so I thought she might like her own. Thank god there was no bunny cage fighting. They got along fine.

Dennis's mom Jo Ann made us a mouth-watering plate of what they call cookies - we'd call it candy. She had chocolate mice on there, which I have discovered here and absolutely love. She's going to give me the recipe, so if I don't make a complete mess of it, I'll blog it when I make them.

We are lucky to have met the Keoughs.

Christmas evening, we got to go to Neil and Kim's for a very fine dinner and good company. But I didn't take the camera, so you don't get to see that. It was fun! And the food was excellent. Kim is a great cook.

We had a very happy holiday way North of home. We missed our friends and family, but are glad to have gotten to experience Christmas here. It was something special.

Hope you all had a great holiday season! Happy New Year from us at the temporarily relocated Cafe 305!

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exparrot said...

So many smiles and good times you're sharing! Merry Christmas from our house to yours.