Monday, December 17, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Christmas Tree Hunting

Last weekend, we went tree hunting with Megan and Dennis and Sadie. Pootie was a lot happier about it than he looked.

Back in Wilmington, we'd be buying our tree at the Home Depot. But here in Newfoundland, every citizen can cut down one tree on public land for Christmas. Which is way more fun than Home Depot! We just hoped no one stopped us and asked us for our Canadian ID or noticed our North Carolina license plates.

We piled in the truck and headed down the highway, looking for a good spot. Dennis guided us to the place they'd gotten their tree last year. Sadie was ready to get out and explore. Megan had some prep to do first, though.

There. Much more fabulous.

Dennis brought all the lumberjack gear, with the backup chainsaw in case we needed it. You won't get the humor in that until you see our tree. Sadie was all ready to help. It's easier to cut down trees after a leg hug.

We noticed a few shotgun shells on the ground. Apparently some folks were using this area for some gun practice.

Then we rounded the bend.

Oh my god, y'all. Someone call Fred Sanford!
I have to say that I've been a bit taken aback by the littering and junk dumping. It's a real problem. Such a shame because the country is just gorgeous.  Some of the Newfoundlanders need to see the crying Native American.

We walked past the junk and into the trees in search of the perfect one, muttering and shaking our heads a little.

The woods were a little on the thick side. It was sort of hard to tell what the trees looked like in their entirety. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Dennis wanted Sadie and Megan to help pick a tree out.

Sadie had other ideas.

Dennis captured a fine tree. I picked ours out, and Pootie looked at it and said "Are you sure?" I'm pretty lickety split with stuff like this. I honestly can't be bothered most of the time. Wait. I mean, I'm very confident and decisive! So he cut it, and it was a little on the pitiful side. As in Charlie Brown's Tree that needed a home. Bad. But the Mighty Hunters proudly displayed their prizes anyway.

Ours doesn't look so bad with a backdrop of greenery. Just wait.

Here's the happy family with their catch.

And here's us with ours. (I'm standing in front of the gaping holes.) Dennis is a better hunter. Pootie and I made too much noise and scared away all the good trees and that's why we wound up with the weakest in the herd.

Time to load up the kill!

We dropped off the Keoughs and went home with our special short bus tree. We got it all decorated and went back over in the evening for some really good chili, then we helped them decorate their tree.

They have some really cool tree decorations. Most fairly old and handmade, and they don't put any boring old balls on their tree. Just meaningful ornaments and white lights. As I was helping hang them up, I came across this guy.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Scaaaarrrry Christmas! Scaaaary Christmas!!
I loved it. So much that Dennis sent me home with my own! I hope I didn't just get him in trouble with family members. I love it! It will go in a place of honor up with my Jean Luc Picard in the transporter ornament that Ben and Amy got me years ago and thought I would never hang on the tree. Ha!

Isn't he awesome???

It was a wonderful day and a great experience for us tree-purchasing city mice. Once stuffed and properly mounted, the wild tree looks fearsome and formidable! Our hunting succes makes us feel powerful and mighty.

Well, maybe we'll just say our sweet little tree has grown on us.

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