Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Signal Hill

A couple (or more) weeks ago, we went up to Signal Hill. I know, I'm behind. It's on one of the bluffs at the entrance to St. John's harbor. The city is pretty well protected from bombardment and we'll have the advantage of a good lookout and a great vantage point for firing missiles or throwing rocks at approaching enemy vessels. Which isn't much needed these days, thank goodness. Now it's just a really cool place to visit with a boss view of St. John's.

It's a steep walk up a sidewalk, then has a lot of paths and beautiful scenery. There were quite a few fitness freaks out getting their run on. We did not. We walked.

Cabot Tower is at the top. I'm not going to go into the whole history of Signal Hill, because you can read Wikipedia as well as I can, but the Tower was used for Marconi's wireless station until it was moved to the airport. From what I understand. And if that's wrong, I'm sure my husband the historian or one of his colleagues will correct me. The first transatlantic wireless signal was received on Signal Hill by Marconi in 1901. But not at Cabot Tower.

Back to the view.


You can see Cape Spear from here, of course. But I didn't get a very good shot of that. It was hazy offshore.

Wikipedia mentions "Due to high winds in winter (which can reach up to 110 km/h (68 miles per hour), it is generally preferred to visit Signal Hill in the warmer months of the year."

It wasn't that bad.

We wandered around some getting our hair tossed about

and then...

And THEN...


(Cue Tchaikovsky's Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Newfoundland Dog! (Newfie). I absolutely love these guys. They supposedly went into the Bernese Mountain Dog breed. There are a lot of similarities, especially in the size and the coat. And the shedding. Newfies heads are a little bigger and they have looser flews, so they slobber more than Berners. Unless you're standing over Dinky with a piece of cheese. Then flews don't matter, there will be a puddle of drool.  The temperament is very similar. They're laid back, lazy, and affectionate. This guy isn't the first Newfie I've seen, but he was magnificent. And very sweet. And drawing a crowd.

I love big dogs. Can you tell?

I was thrilled to finally get to see a Newfie here. His name was Scupper or Scow or some other boat name that I'm ashamed to have forgotten, because I will forget a person's name three seconds after they've said it, but I almost never forget a dog's name. Soundings? Skipper? Skalawag? Simon? I can't remember. Rats.

But he made me miss this lunkhead.

It was worth it for the view up there, though. It was wonderful.

The view of St. John's was good, too.