Monday, November 5, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Greyman's Beard and New Friends

Look, y'all! We made some friends!

I know!! They seem to like us and everything, too! And we didn't pay them money! I did feed them a couple of times, though. I figure it never hurts to leave a trail of breadcrumbs or steak outside leading to the door and see who turns up. It's worked before.

Meet Sadie (leader of the pack in the backback) and Dennis (the guy) and Megan (the redhead). They are our neighbors down the road. I accosted Megan and Sadie and Megan's very nice mother Carol a couple of times while Carol was visiting. We chatted and they met Dinky and we set up a dinner date. Then a few days after that, they took us hiking to the top of Greyman's Beard. It's a mountain/bluff/big hill - I honestly don't know what to call it. Dennis says mountain. At any rate, we hiked up a trail to the top.

The woods were so pretty. And all the trees are Christmas trees! See? Walking along the path smelled like the garden center at Home Depot during the holidays. Except for that one spot that was really stinky. We never did figure out what that was.

The hike was really pretty easy.  I think it took all of 15 minutes to get up there and we didn't even notice we were climbing that high. Dennis probably did, since he was a little more encumbered than the rest of us. This was the reward at the top. We could see for miles. That's Bell Island and that's the ferry that shuttles back and forth between Portugal Cove and the island. We still need to get over there.

It was a gorgeous fall day. Sunny, in the 60s and pretty warm. Check the trees turning down there. That big church is actually an antique store/home. The owners live on the top level.

Look! I can see my house from up here! Well, Coleen's house. I can't see my house from here. I'd have to be riding a satellite for that.

We walked back down and then they took us to another mountain/bluff/ridge/high point to see another view. It was just as spectacular as Greyman's beard. The walk up through a meadow was really pretty too. Sadie decided to walk her own self for that part.

There's a bonus to doing something with friends besides good company. There's someone to actually capture a couple of photos of the two of us together, which is rare. Not rare that we're together - we're together all the time. But it's not often documented. We're elusive like that.

They even liked us enough to go out to dinner with us after spending a good part of the day with us! We went to Aqua and left Sadie at home. The food there was great. I had a Jigg's Dinner Ball that was kind of like a croquet of Jigg's dinner, which I will make at some point. It's salt beef, cabbage and other stuff. The beef is really flavorful and tender. The rest of dinner was excellent. I tried to get Dennis to order the lobster poutine, but he wanted the halibut curry soup. I still can't quite wrap my head around poutine. French fries are supposed to be crispy, and gravy goes on mashed potatoes. But I want to try it without having to get an entire order of it myself. I didn't bring bigger pants.

Sadie seemed to have a very good time, and when we finished the hike, she wasn't tired at all.

Look at that. Just a blur of activity. I've never seen a kid so wound up. It's amazing I even got a decent shot with all that moving around.

She had to be peeled out of her backback, and she didn't wake up until we got in the car.

We feel so lucky to have met them. Not that we don't still miss our friends, but it's gotten a lot less lonely here all of a sudden. So we're going to try to hang onto them and not run them off in the next five months that we're here. I'm going to have them teach me how to speak Canadian and find a moose, and I'll try to have Sadie saying "y'all" by the time we leave in April. It's the least we can do.