Sunday, November 11, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Bauline and Pouch Cove. And Trout

A couple of weekends ago, the weather was on the nasty side. Coldish, drizzly, foggy - basically damp - and windy. A good day to stay inside and sit by a fire and drink hot tea (or bourbon) and read. But we have too much to see and time is plowing ahead! We don't have the luxury of just sitting on our wide laurels and collecting dust. So out we went, to take a drive out to Bauline and Pouch Cove. North. Here's a map. We start at Portugal Cove.

Our objective was to get all the way to the topmost point, but we started up the gravel road to it and read a sign that said, "Woe to all ye who enter here without a large truck with tractor-tires and four wheel drive. Don't call us when you get stuck, suckers." I'm paraphrasing. So we contented ourselves with the main road. There was still plenty to see.

While most people wouldn't think the weather was nice, I loved it. Obviously it is impossible to make this place anything but beautiful. On Bauline Line, the road we took up to Bauline (go figure), the conifers were thick and the maples were a lovely gold. The landscape is dotted with little lakes and rushing streams and a notable absence of moose. I am starting to think the locals are having me on about those. I'm going to start looking for Bigfoot instead. I probably stand a better chance of seeing him.

But mooseless or not, the drive was worth it. We got up to Bauline to the sight of more rocky mountains/bluffs/hills/whatever and some pretty little fishing boats at a dock. Specializing in the export of Lobster. L'argent, indeed.

Pootie stayed in the safety of the jeep - well, heated car - while I wrestled the winds and drizzle and tried to keep my camera dry.

After seeing the shot on the left, I went out the next day and bought jeans that fit.
The grass is still so green here. By now back home the sun has baked it to a crisp, whether it has rained or not. Between the brilliant green and the bright colors of all the boats and houses, the grey skies don't dull the scenery all that much.

In a lot of places, they just shove the boats down a slanted ramp into the water. Dry stack and a fork lift are for sissies. (Sorry David and Kevin.)

It sure beat sitting inside all day. And when we got home, I cooked trout. Hey! It's a food blog! Remember how I used to post pictures of food and recipes?

Fresh trout is pretty easy to come by here, and I love it. For this I just sprinkled it with salt and pepper, dotted it with about a tablespoon of brown sugar and a little butter, and pan-cooked it. Then I topped it with chopped almonds and served it with asparagus and a baked sweet potato.

A fittingly fishy end to a day by the water.