Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Visitors! Part One

We had our first (and possibly only) visitors to Newfoundland! It's not exactly easy or inexpensive to get here.  My in-laws arrived on a Friday evening for a week of fun, food and visiting. Obviously food was the highest priority.

The St. John's Airport. We are right down the road from it. No, his parents didn't come from St. Pierre. Pootie just took a picture because he wants to go there.

Their flight got in a little late, so by the time we got them to the house, it was 7:30 or so. I had some chicken chili waiting for them. It was a cool night and they'd been traveling all day and hadn't eaten a proper lunch, so they were ready for some dinner. We ate, then took them to their Inn. They didn't stay with us because they wanted their own bathroom. I don't blame them. They stayed at The Beach House, which is visible from Coleen's Blue Cottage. I think I'm going to just start calling it CBC.  Anyway, the accomodations there are very nice.

They slept in on Saturday and then we picked them up and brought them to CBC for breakfast. We headed from breakfast to the Memorial University (MUN)Campus for a driving tour.

See? Pootie is legit!

After campus tour, we went to The Rooms. Pootie and I had been, but we hadn't gone into the gallery part. So off we went. We managed to snag a table by the window so we had a view overlooking St. John's Harbour. Not too shabby! The food was good, too. I was most impressed with the Lyndal Osborne's "Where River Meets Sea" exhibit in the gallery. It was a vast construction of found objects along the riversides of Newfoundland. Really striking. (No photos allowed. It was pretty dark in there anyway. It would have been hard to do it justice.)

Then it was back to CBC for dinner, where we had chicken paprika, which you already know about. And a beautiful sunset. Tune in next time for our tour of Cape Spear!

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