Monday, October 15, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Exploring Brigus

Brigus is a picturesque little town about 25 miles from us. We took a Saturday and drove the scenic route to go check it out.  It was the home of Captain Robert Bartlett, the Arctic explorer, which was the draw for my husband the historian. Unfortunately, his house was closed for the season. But there was still plenty of rambling to do.

The first thing we did, of course, was eat lunch. Right as we drove into town, we spotted North Street Cafe. It was a tiny little place with four tables and very friendly, accomodating owners. Pootie had hot tea and pea soup, and I got the fish cakes. They came with homemade molasses brown bread and a homemade pickled vegetable side that were absolutely fantastic. I was thrilled. Pootie's pea soup (which was actually bean soup) was also great, and my fish cakes were perfect. Apparently I like fish cakes since I've ordered them twice now.

Well-fed and watered, we set out to wander through Brigus. Really, the pictures say it all. The place is just beautiful.

The old dock houses, the picket fences, and the boats painted such a pretty scene everywhere we went. I stole a rock from the beach. I know... I shouldn't have. But it wanted to go home with me. I could tell.

There was a beautiful old church that has been turned into a local arts and community center.

I was taking pictures of a campsite when I was hailed in true Newfoundland brogue (it sounds Irish). Meet Johnny, owner of the campground and fountain of information on Brigus.

Johnny was born and raised in Brigus, then left for 30 years to go work on the oil rigs all over the world. He was fascinating. And funny. He told us about how Brigus had grown, bemoaned the influx of outsiders with money who built huge homes there, and gave us the scoop on the old houses in town. His is over 100 years old. He had been offered a spot on the Ocean Ranger soon before it sank. He turned it down to go to work on one in Scotland because he said he didn't like the look of the Ranger. He didn't think it looked safe. Lucky for him.

He now owns and runs the campground and told us about all the people from everywhere in the world who come through in the summer. He was the best stationary tour guide ever.

We had a lovely day poking around. A perfect day trip from Portugal Cove.

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