Thursday, September 6, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Road Trip Leg Two

This is me. Trying to figure out what the HELL was going on with the Parrot we bought to use for the truck. It wasn't equipped for Bluetooth, and since we were in two vehicles, we needed to communicate during the drive. But the Parrot apparently thought I had a speech impediment. Every time I pushed the button and said "Call Phillip Reid" it said "Call mwermrirmwem??"  Not helpful.

We somehow managed to get on the road by 8:30 AM in Hagerstown. It was a minor miracle, considering the state of our room. I'm extremely well-organized, but ironically, am physically and mentally disabled when it comes to packing. I got up and in the 10 hours we'd been in that hotel room (8 of which were spent sleeping), it looked like it had thrown up on itself. I had packed for myself, but hadn't packed an overnight bag for Dinky. I needed to feed him breakfast. The food was in the car. Then I needed to give him his medications. They were in the car. Then I needed to walk him. The poop bags were - guess where? I made a note to myself to pack him a damned bag for the next night.

Then we hit the road. We did fine for a while. Even when we first got to the New York City area, we were moving. We looked over to the right and saw the Manhattan skyline in a cloudy haze of drizzle. It was really amazing. We've been to New York a few times, but seeing it from the highway in the distance is something else. Then we hit the traffic. Oh my god. I'd thought the traffic around DC was bad... this was AWFUL. Oh, and the toll roads. Let's talk for a minute about toll roads.

We don't have many of those down South. There's one that I've taken on the trip between Wilmington and Atlanta when I've gone down for work. It's an obvious entry to the toll road and has lots of warnings. "Hey! This road is going to cost you a WHOLE DOLLAR!! Are you SURE you want to go this way?"  And my husband has experienced fewer toll roads than I have. His impression of them is from TV movies in the 70s. He thought you just drove by and threw a quarter in a basket.

Stop laughing.

We hit the first toll road. It was $6.00 per car. Oh. One thing I haven't mentioned is that we rarely have cash on us. I think between the two of us, we had twenty five dollars. So there went twelve. The next toll we hit was $12.00. Per car. I'll let you do the math. I hit the toll first, and had two dollars. Pootie had the rest. So I got the pleasure of telling the nice man in the booth that we were hicks from the South and all I had was a Visa card, maybe I could sit and work in the booth for a couple of hours to earn our way out of New York? He was very sweet to me, and said they would just bill me (I'm not really sure how that works) and told me to check my route, because there were at least two more tolls on the way to where we were going. Then he waved me on. Pootie had enough cash to get through that one. We suspect the guy in the tollbooth was saying "Get your Andy Griffith @$$ out of here." We might as well have been riding the highway in a beat up pickup with chairs strapped on top and a granny sitting on a rocking chair. Good lord. How embarrassing.

We got to Mystic, CT about an hour and a half after we should have, thanks to traffic. But we were rewarded. We checked into a very nice Hampton Inn. And we did get in early enough to spend a little time in the hotel room before dinner. So when we left, Dinky didn't make a sound. He was perfectly fine. We went to Kitchen Little for dinner.

Here. Have a terrible picture of Kitchen Little
It was a casual little place with great food. We sat out on the deck overlooking the water and had a nice conversation with a woman seated next to us whose family had a vacation home on Block Island.

You get crappy phone pictures because my real camera was buried in the car with other stuff.
Mystic was lovely. We wish we'd had more time there.
We are truly fascinating dinner companions.
We ate dinner and went back to the hotel and I made the unfortunate decision to go straight to bed. I paid for that later in the night when I woke up with terrible heartburn which lasted two days. But it wasn't dinner's fault.  I was being tired and stupid. Too bad for me.
We were both worn out and slept until 7:30 the next morning. So much for getting on the road early.
Tomorrow, on to Camden, Maine!

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