Thursday, September 20, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Road Trip Leg 7

I slept fine. Why do you ask?
This is it, kids. The very last leg of the journey!

Still on the ferry. It was about a 15 hour trip. We were supposed to arrive about 9:30 AM. We got up and had a little coffee, then went to tend to Dinky. He was fine. Very calm. But of course, absolutely refused to use the provided facilities. None of the other dogs would either.

You have no idea how much faster this trip would have been if I had his bladder.

We stuffed him back in his crate and went to get some breakfast. By the time we made it back to the cabin, they were announcing that our arrival was about an hour away.

It wasn't a very pretty day.

We docked, and John and Lacey helped us gather up all of Dinky's stuff and his crate and get it and him down to the truck. He had to be muzzled again, and liked it about as much as he had the day before. I'm chucking that thing in the bin. The muzzle, not the dog.

We didn't have long to wait for them to unload us. Dinky and I went first and pulled over with the rest of the dog people to let our poor guys find some grass to use. He wasn't speaking to me, by the way.

We waited for P to unload about ten minutes, then we started on the road to St. John's and Portugal Cove. The sun came out about half an hour into the drive and made it a lot more pleasant. Before we went to the rental house, we stopped at the grocery. I was pretty determined to provision up so we didn't have to get right back out again after six days on the road.

We found a grocery and I went to the restroom first, of course.

Then we had some lunch.

I know. You've seen that shirt before. I didn't bring a lot of clothes. We shipped most of them ahead.

And then we went shopping.

They had some things we didn't at home, of course.

No, we didn't buy any.

Everyone kept telling me before we left how much more expensive groceries were here. Actually, they're about on par with Harris Teeter in Wilmington, with a few exceptions.

We got the basics to get us through a couple of days, then went to the adjoining liquor store. Priorities, people. Priorities.

This stuff has quite the reputation. We did not buy any. We're going to wait for a native to give it to us and make us kiss a cod so we can be screeched in.

I will note that wine prices are WAY higher here than at home. Ouch. At least 1.5 times as much. Sometimes double.

Then we piled our purchases in the back of the truck with Dinky, who still wasn't speaking to us, and headed for the house. It was a sight for sore eyes. We've been looking at it online for a year and a half. It felt like home already.

We unloaded everything. I did some laundry and started making a list of stuff we needed, and we got a very nice visit from Mona and Fred, relatives of Coleen and John, the owners of the house. They welcomed us and gave us a lot of information about getting around, where to shop, how to reach them, etc. It was nice to have a personal welcome.  We were kind of shell-shocked after the trip and the time change and new landscape and everything.

But it was good to finally be here. And you can't feel shell-shocked for long with this as your front yard.

So here we are! Newfoundland! Canada! At last! We'll be broadcasting from our new location until April, so stay tuned!

The view is worth it.

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