Thursday, September 13, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Road Trip Leg 5

We got up late and left Moncton around 10:30. It was kind of a wreck of a morning. We had several false starts. Left the hotel, drove to find a gas station, couldn't find one, got on the highway. Found a gas station, got gas, got back on the highway. Had to stop for a break, found a place, got back on the highway. Then it was time for lunch. I know. We're never going to get there. But look! We stopped at Wendy's and see what they have!?

I think that's pretty cool. Granted, it takes longer to clean up from lunch, especially when you have to stand there and read and sort and figure it all out.  We need this in the states. I'm sure we have it somewhere, but not down South. But at least we don't throw the used Wendy's bag out of the pickup truck, like we used to before we made the Native American cry.

I loved that ad. The Canadians have a leg up on us with that.

Other Fast Food differences include the "McLobster" and the Subway sign saying "Lobster is back!" Lobster. In fast food joints. Holy sheez. This place may be too fancy for us.

The route was still beautiful.

We did actually stop to take these pictures.


Traffic was light and we finally started making good time. We were almost there, then right as we were getting to one of the highways to turn off to Sydney, there was an accident. The police were diverting traffic and we wound up driving all over this neighborhood with everyone else, trying to figure out where we were going. My GPS wasn't helping a whole lot. It put us square in the parking lot of a Day Care, which is probably where it decided we needed to go, what with the tantrums and crying and all. We switched to P. leading, because the GPS in Armijo (the car - long story) wasn't cutting out on him the way mine was. He led, I followed, and finally we wound our way out of the neighborhood and onto the highway. Hooray!

We drove into Sydney, Nova Scotia and to the Cambridge Suites. I was really looking forward to this particular stay. Not only did we have a decent amount of down-time, we had a suite. With a couch! And a chair! And a fridge! And a desk! All separate from the bedroom! Look!

Dinky liked it too.

I was excited about this suite because most of the time we've had suites, it's been kind of inadvertant and we've just checked in and right back out and haven't had time to really sit and enjoy the luxury of a real sofa and coffe table. Also, remember I haven't had a sofa or a coffee table in several days now.

See? A whole separate room for the bed! We didn't close the doors, but we COULD have!
We also had a nice view.

We settled in and then P. went to the gym to work out. I didn't. I plugged into internet and got some work done. Because I'm that guy.

Then he got back and we went to dinner. Downstairs. In the hotel restaurant. We were seriously sick of driving. 

I'm usually much more beautiful than this, and all decked out in pearls and a black dress and stuff, but I'd been driving for four days. My clean clothes were limited.
Guess what we had?

I think it's a law or something. And it was cheap! Relatively speaking.

I tried not to think about the next day, when we were getting on the ferry. I'd been anxious about that for months and months, even going back to last year, when we were supposed to go and didn't. Thanks, cancer. Anyway, putting Dinky in a crate on a boat for 15 hours was causing me some angst. More than it caused him, most likely. But I still slept pretty well.

It was having all that room, I'm sure.

Or, you know... maybe it was the wine.

Tomorrow! The ferry! And Trauma for Dinky! And me.

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