Friday, September 7, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: Road Trip Leg 3

Three Moose. Meese. Mooses. Mice? Large mammals.

We are slow on the uptake, but we do catch on eventually. When we got up in Mystic, CT, we pulled up the map and said "Hey! Let's avoid Boston, how about?" So we planned an alternate route that went well West of that. I checked with the lady at the front desk and she said "Oh god, DON'T go on 95 through Boston! I have people tell me all the time when they come here that it's just a nightmare of stop and go and construction." Sealed the deal. We went West. And I'll bet it didn't add any time to the trip at all. It still had those weird "Service Areas", though. This moose was at one of them. It was actually pretty nice, though. Clean, and had a big food court instead of grungy McDonald's. Dinky thought it was too hot. And he wasn't allowed inside, which kind of ticked him off.

We were headed for Camden, Maine. We honeymooned there. Well, kind of there. We stayed one night there and caught an old 1882 schooner for a weeklong cruise of Penobscott Bay. It was beautiful then, and it's beautiful now.

This was us in 1990. (I had to check that date with my husband.) I was wearing borrowed clothes because the airline had lost our luggage.

This is us now. Or was last week, when we were standing in roughly the same spot. A nice couple took our picture.
I know. It's just disgusting how we haven't aged a single day, isn't it? We're sorry. We can't really help it.
Good god. Look at that child. Look at that black hair.
Who's that grey lady hiding in the bushes? Must be that girl's mother.
We passed the deli where we'd eaten lunch 22 years before and watched a girl sweeping and getting ready to close up. Then Pootie said, "She probably wasn't even born when we sat over there at those windows." Talk about a mood killer. Man.
Time is strange. It feels like this was just a couple of years ago, but also like it's been a lifetime. Which it has, technically. Well, a good chunk of one.
Anyway, enough reminiscing. Back to now. Last week. Whatever. We stayed at the Lord Camden Inn as kind of an anniversary treat. We got married August something - it was close enough. It was SO nice.
And pet friendly!
What the HELL do you mean, 'Wait til I take a picture???' Are you INSANE? There are TREATS in this bowl and they're MINE, hor!
Dinky settled right in.
I'm kind of a pro at this travel stuff now. Does this bed make my butt look big?
The hotel was over the river. Pootie thinks it's the Camden River. It ran right under the little balcony off our room. No, we didn't spit over the rail into the water. We're classy like that.
I even got some work done! Dinky helped. He checks my math for me when Karen Rigsby isn't available.
We got in early enough for me to have a nice sit on the deck looking at the river, and for us to wander around town a little before dinner. We ate at a hip place called 40 Paper. I had an excellent cocktail with Knob Creek bourbon and Amaretto with a twist of lime. Man, it was tasty! Then I had a perfectly grilled quail and P. had some kind of fish, I think. I was busy eating. It was the best dinner we'd had on the trip. And by far the most relaxing stop.
We're very happy we got to go back for a visit.
Next stop, Canada!

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