Sunday, August 19, 2012

Andie's Big Adventure: It's almost here!

I know I'm a disgrace to blogging. But I've been spending the last few weeks trying to cycle through the things in our freezer and pantry, packing up our "winter" clothes (we are so hosed), working at my job a lot to make up for the time I'll be gone so we stay on schedule, and not entertaining or cooking anything particularly interesting. We leave Sunday the 26th of August. (!!!!!)

Given what caused our delay last year, I'm feeling a lot better about going to Newfoundland now. I've been through plenty, and I've had a lot of time to plan and absorb the fact that yes, we really are going to go be away from our house for eight months. Hell, I'm 45 years old. That's going to seem like eight days with the way time has sped up.

Not that I'm completely at ease, but I am not this guy. Girl. Whatever. I'm not her:

But the food thing is causing me some emotional discomfort.  My bare refrigerator has an echo and it's freaking me out. I hate going to the grocery and having to exercise restraint. That's like sending any member of my family into an Apple store and telling them they can't buy anything. But there's no point in stocking up on chicken thighs when we have about four meals left to cook. Fortunately, I have some family and neighbors willing to take any extra food off our hands. No point in leaving a bunch of stuff in the pantry to supply a bug party while we're gone.

Speaking of parties, our friends have not been all angsty about us being gone and how much they're going to miss us. They all just keep saying, "What about the Christmas Party???!!!" I think they've decided to go ahead and have it here anyway, and maybe conference call us in. I don't really care as long as they don't leave the mess for us to clean up in April when we get back.

Our East Coast tour of Rest Areas will take us about five days.

We are taking two vehicles. I get the company of our pet bison,

and podcasts and music and Jenny Lawson's audiobook. We are prepared with walkie talkies generously loaned by my parents, in case we lose cell coverage in the US, and for when we get to Canada, where we will be charged horrific roaming fees. We have been practicing with the walkie-talkies to make sure they work.

Oh, fine. We've been playing Convoy. Breaker, Breaker, One Nine!

I got to be Kris Kristofferson.

Once there on The Rock, we have to decide we'll do about phones. We may just put ours on ice for the duration and get phones for up there. I'll be using Skype and Facetime a lot, since I spend most of my time sitting at my desk. Pootie is insisting on getting snow tires for the cars. I'm voting for only one vehicle. If it's that bad, do I really need to be out driving? Besides, Dinky and I will be too busy building a snow fort around the house to go anywhere. People are telling us we're going to be buried under twenty feet of snow, get frostbite and lose our digits, and be attacked by moose.

I can't wait!

We are turning our precious Cafe 305 over to very capable hands for care and feeding.

I will miss our little house, but have to admit, I'm looking forward to this view.

I'm looking forward to the whole thing, actually. I will be keeping everyone posted on our adventure, and if you're REALLY lucky, I might even document all the Rest Areas for you on the way up.

Hurl some happy thoughts out to the highways and keep your fingers crossed that Dinky doesn't get carsick!