Sunday, February 12, 2012


This past week, I went to Toronto for work. I had a wonderful time. We got in Monday evening, and Tuesday we had a little time to kill, so Karen and Israel were kind enough to let me tag along on their planned Toronto adventure, and even gracious enough to let me insert my own agenda, which was to kick over to the St. Lawrence Market.

Well, seriously, did you think I'd be within a mile of an awesome food market and not stop in for a visit?

We walked through some of downtown Toronto and went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, which I probably just named wrong, but anyway, Karen loves her some hockey. I'm not much of a sports fan (an enormous understatement) but I am all about history, so I really enjoyed seeing some of the old uniforms from the early 1900s. And seeing the Stanley Cup just out in the middle of the room was pretty cool.

There's a tiny picture of Israel looking at this replica of Toronto (I think) made out of wooden blocks, which he said reminded him of Fraggle Rock, immediately confirming for me that he is my brother's age. Karen decided the hall looked like the Fortress of Solitude from Superman. Note the extremely large smile on her face.

She probably could have stayed there all day, but I dragged them out and on to the St. Lawrence Market.

Oh. My. Head.

No. Just... no. I tried this once with our first dog. I'm still traumatized.

I would have loved to have had a place to cook. Wow! Everything was so fresh and pretty! Fortunately for my wallet and my hips, we were not able to sample anything, since most of them only took Canadian cash, and we didn't have any.

Then we were off to the CN Tower. The floor has these glass windows where you can see the ground shoot away from you, so I stood kind of mashed against the back wall of the elevator and looked at the ceiling. I really didn't want to throw up in front of Karen and Israel. That would have been embarrassing. The view was spectacular, though. It was a beautiful day, and Lake Ontario was gorgeous.

Look! I can see my hotel from here!

Karen and I opted not to take the glass pod up to the top of the needle. We just told Israel to get pictures for us. I did finally get brave enough to put half my foot onto one of the glass floor panels. I had Karen hang on to a post with one hand and me with the other. Israel not only stood on the thing, but jumped up and down on it. Show off.

See how brave I am!?

We had a really nice day roaming the city. Then I got doubly lucky and on our free night, got to have dinner with family friends who live in Toronto. Dwayne's Uncles Frankenwade!

Wade was my brother's college roommate, and he and Frank have been part of our family forever now. (Because my brother is OLD.) It was so good to see them! They were nice enough to come to the hotel and pick me up and cook dinner for me. Wade fixed me a whiskey drink with cherry juice that was just what I needed after my two presentations, and Frank grilled some pork chops, made some delicious wasabi mashed potatoes, and some of the best cabbage I've ever eaten. And since this IS a food blog, I'll leave you with Frank's Curried Cabbage. I don't have exact amounts, but you can still make a pretty decent approximation.

Slice a head of green cabbage and steam it with a good pinch of kosher salt. When the cabbage is steamed, add "a little butter, a little cream, some white pepper, and some curry powder". Since I'm going to cook it myself and have to estimate, I'm figuring probably 1/4 cup cream, a tablespoon of buttah, a pinch of white pepper, and a teaspoon of curry powder. It was so good! I will be making it this week.

I'm glad to be home, but I had a great trip. Special thanks to Israel, for pointing me to Snapseed. I used my phone for pics since I didn't bring my real camera with me and that little app has made these photos a lot more interesting than they were straight out of the phone. Much gratitude to my work friends and to Frank and Wade for taking care of me and keeping me out of trouble. St. Lawrence Market, I miss you already!

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