Monday, January 2, 2012

My Little Brother

 This is my little brother, John. And me. A couple of years ago.

This is my little brother. And me. More than a couple of years ago.

I was cuter back then. He had more hair. Mine was significantly darker.

And before you ladies start inundating me with requests for his contact information, this is my brother. And his gorgeous wife, Natalie. She'll cut you.

They are pregnant with my first niece. Or my second nephew. Their first child, at any rate. They're waiting to be surprised in February when she arrives. I am convinced it will be a niece, and we are calling her Dwayne, since they didn't like any of my other name suggestions. (I still don't know they have against Gertrude. Or Agnes. Or Ethel.Good, sturdy names.)

He's a very talented photographer and designer. His website is way nicer than my blog. And check out Dwayne's beautiful nursery! (Yes, they know she'll have handprints and stickers and toys and clothes all over the place when she gets here, but it's still pretty.)

So I did what any big sister would do with access to that kind of talent. I bossed him into helping me do a little tiny facelift on my site. Actually, I'm not that bad. He asked what I wanted for Christmas this year and I said that I really just needed some time from him to sit down and make my blog just a little more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. So he did. Over the internet. Because he lives here:

And I live here:

Which looks like this:

And I kind of think if people were meant to fly, all the seats on a plane would be First Class.

So thank goodness for Facetime.

It was a productive meeting and he had some good ideas. You may notice that some clutter has been removed. The archives are now at the bottom of the blog, so they're not distracting you from my fascinating writing and my stunningly gorgeous pictures. And he made me a kickass banner. I took all the pictures except one. See if you can guess which isn't my work.

And you may see a few more personal blog posts here from time to time. Food is great, but he suggested people might want to get to know me a little better, too. I think that's probably optimistic, but it's flattering, so I'll take it.

So over the next year, I'll probably be making some tweaks to Cafe 305 and posting some new things. I'd love to have your feedback, so feel free to leave a comment in the horrible, convoluted blogger comments section that should be detonated and completely rebuilt. Or, if you're into quick and easy, like I am, you can let me know what you think on Facebook.

And that's something that probably isn't going to change. Random pictures of Bigfoot and other swiped from the internet shots probably won't go away. You never know when he'll turn up.

So thanks to John for helping me out with this. And thanks to Natalie for being married to him and carrying my niece around for 9 months so I have someone to buy Star Trek mobiles and tutus for. Unless it's a boy. Then I might skip the tutu. Maybe.

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