Monday, January 23, 2012

Chocolate Peppermint Filled Ebelskivers

A few years ago, my uncle got me an ebelskiver pan for Christmas. I don't normally use it for breakfast, because pancakes make me feel like a complete slug all day. I do better on oatmeal and coffee. But I've used it gracious plenty for dessert.

We had our good neighbors Morgan and Jesse (holla!) over for dinner the other night. I had my ebelskiver pan, some peppermint ice cream, and some leftover chocolate peppermint bark from Christmas. (Hey. Cut me some slack. It's only January. It's not like that stuff goes bad that fast.)

Anyway, perfect makings for dessert.

The only part of this for company that I'm not crazy about is that you really need to make the ebelskivers fresh. They aren't a make-ahead kind of dessert. But no one seemed to mind that I was futzing in the kitchen for a few minutes after dinner. They're not a major production, if you get the batter mixed up ahead, which is just fine. Yes, it is.

The recipe for the Ebelskiver batter is here. Mix it up, and you're halfway ready to go.

Set the ebelskiver pan on the stove on medium heat. Put little dots of butter in each round. When the butter turns foamy, the pan is ready.

Fill the pan just under the rim with batter. Now's the time to put in whatever filling you're using. I used pieces of chocolate peppermint bark. I've also used plain chocolate. You could use fruit, applesauce, caramel, any number of things. Just keep it small.

Top with just a dab more batter. About level with the top. Then when you see that the sides are starting to brown and pull away just a little, put a chopstick on either side of the round and flip it upside down. It may go perfectly, it may not.

But once the ebelskiver cooks on the other side, you can roll them around in the pan a little and cook those oozy seams. It cleans them up nicely.

Once they're browned all around, serve them warm with whatever you like. In this case, I used peppermint ice cream and a garnish of peppermint bark. I would have cut into one and gotten a picture, but my guests wanted their dessert.

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