Friday, December 30, 2011

Kicking 2011 to the Curb

Well, it's been a year, hasn't it?
Everyone is doing those "Year in Review" things, and who am I to argue with tradition? So let's just recap 2011 at Cafe 305, shall we?

I made roasted pesto chicken.

We did some remodeling. First they took away my only bathroom.

Then when they gave it back, they took away my only kitchen.

They did eventually give it back, (the bathroom too) and it was better than ever! Definitely worth living in filth and squalor for a few weeks.

Then Tony Rosenfeld and I cooked some steaks to celebrate. Well, I cooked and Tony coached. From Boston. Where he lives and has never met me in person, actually.

Then before the shiny even wore off on the new kitchen, we found out we were going to go to Canada for two semesters. Starting THIS FREAKING FALL. OH MY GOD!

Then I cooked some more to frantically try to use up the "new" in my kitchen before we left.

Then my parents came to visit.

Then I got diagnosed with breast cancer. And the plug was pulled on the Canada trip until next year.

Then I made peanut butter cookies to make myself feel better.

Not fun. (Phillip Birmingham, I never did finish that Jell-O.)

But Pootie got me a star projector for my hospital stay.

That made it marginally better. Then I got home, and good friends and family cooked and cleaned for us, and sent flowers, and made things a lot more tolerable. It was really amazing and flattering how many people stepped up to help, and sent good wishes and moral support.  I was lucky. And Facebook was awesome. It kept me in touch and was a consistent morale booster. Nice to know that many people who will take a minute and just say "Hey, I'm thinking about you."

It was conversely kind of interesting and a little surprising to see who went into hiding, but that's not a complaint. I promise. I understand. Cancer is one of those things that's kind of hard for a lot of people to take. It's difficult to know what to say. Or do. And it's scary. I get that.

Or, hey, maybe some people decided they just didn't like me. I get that, too.

Then I got a little better and started cooking again.

Then I got even better, and Christmas was looming, and I did a lot of baking for my friends at the office.

Then we gussied up and had a small dinner party to thank our good friends who had helped us so much after my first surgery. This year, I just wasn't up to the full-blown Christmas extravaganza we usually have.

Sometimes I clean up pretty good!
Then I had another surgery.

OK, this is getting seriously old.
Then we had Christmas. And I got some chit-kicking cowboy boots.

And I got a good follow-up from my surgeon. And some Peppermint Ice Cream.

So while my nerves are pretty well shot for the year with all the upheaval and stress, my major surgeries are all finished - just a couple of minor cosmetic procedures left - and I'm half a pint of peppermint ice cream down and armed with a pair of kickass cowboy boots.

2011, don't let the screen door hit your backside on the way out, and oh, hey -2012?

Look the hell out. I'm comin', and I'm gonna make Godzilla look like the Geico lizard.

Happy New Year, y'all!

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