Monday, December 5, 2011

Cookie Week at Cafe 305

It's time to try to get into the Christmas spirit. I'm not quite there yet. My house is still torn limb from limb from the painting.

Oh, have I not mentioned the painting? Here at 305, we've undertaken yet another project. And this will be the last one for a while. Our little 1940 house hasn't had its trim and ceilings painted in lord knows how long. It needed to be done when we moved in here 12 years ago, and it's just gotten worse. Oh, we've painted the walls - a couple of times. But neither of us wanted to tackle the trim and repair ceilings. So we've had painters in to do just those bits for the past few days. Problem is, everything had to come off the walls and shelves, drapes had to come down, and furniture had to be moved to do it.

Of course, Dinky had to "help" by blotting up some excess paint in a doorway.

Thanks, man. Now I have to give him a bath on top of everything else. Or maybe I'll just let it wear off. At the rate he sheds, it will all be gone in a few days anyway.

All this is to say that it's been a little difficult for me to get into the Christmas spirit. No way is a tree going up in the middle of all this chaos. We're still not even put back together, much less decorated. At the rate we're going, we might find it's too late to bother. Oh, well.

But this past weekend was my designated Cookie Baking Weekend, and if there's anything that will kick-start my holiday season, that's it. I started working for my current contract client as an employee  right out of college in 1989. (That's right, kids, I'm THAT old!) Within a couple of years, I was baking up a storm and bringing it in to the office, especially at Christmas. Then when I moved to NC in 1996, I went from employee to contractor, and I've been shipping a big whopping load of Christmas cookies to my co-workers every year. Haven't missed a year yet, and I wasn't about to start this year.

So I armed myself with this, and began my weekend of sugar and butter debauchery.

This, by the way, is an excellent gift idea for the baker on your list. More than half my recipes came from here. You can order it from

So get out your elastic waistbands and loosen your seatbelts, people. This week I'll be bringing you a cookie a day. Maybe you can find your own holiday inspiration in here, somewhere. And hopefully, by the time we wind up the week, 305 will be restored to its former glory, plus fresh clean trim and ceilings, and we can contemplate putting up a tree.

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