Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walt's Velvet Corn Soup

I've really got to get a new (better) picture of the two of them.
As I've mentioned before a few times, Heather and Walt used to live next door to us. We love them, so when they moved, we kept them. We see them not often enough for us, but probably enough for them. I guess they like us OK. Heather did bring me back THE most awesome Christmas decorations from Disney EV-ER. A collection of all of the Disney villains. That's my kind of woman, right there.

Walt is... well, he's Walt. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't like him. Or know him. We had a joint July 4 party once and about 2:00 AM I was standing on the porch with Heather, looking at a BUNCH of people in my backyard and said "Heather? Who ARE these people?" She said "I have NO idea." At our Halloween party Walt changed costumes once an hour.

Well, you get the point. Walt is fun.

As it happens, he's also pretty skilled in the kitchen. An embarrasingly long time ago, Heather and Walt invited us over for dinner. Walt REALLY wanted to cook us his Asian soup and skewers and man, am I glad he did. He also graciously agreed to let me blog it. Which is good, because I probably would have anyway and just counted on him not reading it and busting my chops. It was a better dinner than I've cooked in quite a while. (I'm in a slump). Add the excellent company to it, and it was a great evening, as usual. Here are some very bad stealth pictures of dinner. (I used my phone - I figured it might be conspicuous if I took the real camera and started setting up lights and stuff in the kitchen.)

Well, OK, this one - maybe not so stealth

Dregs of the soup. Do not let the picture fool you. It was WONDERFUL. This, boys and girls, is why you never, EVER, use a flash.

My not-finished-thank-god-there's-more-left dinner plate.

Pretty tiny cupcakes from downtown. I love the Reese's one. Thanks to me, there almost weren't any left for Knox and Bennett.
Walt was generous enough to share his recipe for the corn and shrimp soup, and you should be grateful. It was SO good. But you know, that's Walt. He's that kind of guy.

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