Thursday, June 9, 2011

Andie's Big Adventure: Logistics. And Not Food.

For those of you who are interested, I thought I'd post a short update on the status of our impending temporary relocation to Newfoundland.

We have, as I've already mentioned, procured lodging for our stay. Here's the house.

The blue house is ours. The cars aren't. We're not there yet.
Here is another view from out in the bay. I guess the photographer was treading water.

Again, blue house to the right. We are going to build a fort on the "hill" behind the house and if you try to stalk us, we will roll boulders down on you.
We may be able to see whales and icebergs from our deck. Which is pretty awesome.

So between searching for things like the Canadian equivalent of Target, and where the local Costco is, we're planning the actual trip.

This is something of a logistical challenge, since we will have Dinky in tow.

Hi there! I'm large, and rather unhelpful! I'm not towing ANYTHING.
Our biggest quandry right now is the ferry. We have to drive 4 days to Nova Scotia. When we get there, we have to take a (very large) ferry over to Newfoundland. The one we've booked is a 15 hour overnight one that lands about an hour and a half from St. John's, our final destination. Excellent. Eat dinner, go to bed, wake up and we're almost there.

Unfortunately, someone's wide furry butt won't fit in the largest kennel they offer. And the crate he WILL go in doesn't fit in their kennel room. We have been talking to the ferry officials and they are trying to figure out how to accomodate us. I suggested we put a hat and pants on him and just let him stay in the cabin with us, but they said no. (Imagine!)

I am sure it's because they know he'd be mobbed by chicks. And paparazzi. And who needs that kind of headache when you're trying to run a boat?

We have to wait until the captain who will be running the ferry at the time of our trip (Cap'n Pete) gets back from vacation. The very nice lady (Martina) at the Ferry office is going to ask if there's any other place we can put the crate. Our other alternative is take a shorter ferry ride (6 - 8 hours) and leave him in the car, which we can't access while the boat is underway. That unfortunately lands at the other end of Newfoundland, leaving us with an 11 hour drive after we get in.

Not ideal all around. I'm not thrilled about leaving my poor dog alone in a car with strange noises and weird motion for 8 hours, or having another 11 hours of driving on top of the four days we'll already have spent in the car. With all our stuff.

Hey y'all! Looky here! We're in Newfoundland!
So right now, we're in a holding pattern.  Cap'n Pete gets back from vacation July 1. We won't know anything until then. Which means we can't really plan the trip and the stops and make hotel reservations yet. And I think that Pootie is experiencing some kind of hold up with visas or some other paperwork. They probably found out about my blog.

Have I mentioned that patience isn't my strong suit?

For now, I guess we wait. Meanwhile, if anyone has any advice on road tripping with a large canine, I'm all ears.

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