Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day. Such a lovely holiday. I don't have human offspring, and my furry one didn't so much as make me a card. Ingrate.

Hi! It's all about me! Uh... hey. You gonna eat that?
My brother and I have a long-standing tradition of trying to beat each other to the punch with phone calls for our folks' birthdays, mother's day, father's day, etc. I almost always win because I live in EST and he lives in Denver (PWNED, beotch!!!) But it's OK. Because he's the baby and he's the favorite anyway.

Oh, it's OK. He's my favorite, too. And, good lord, he was ADORABLE! Do you BLAME them? (He still looks JUST like this. Except he has less hair.)

Unfortunately, I called a little too early and woke both my parents. (Sorry, guys! But hey, John? Still...POWNED, beotch!) I suspect I may have lost points this year.

Yeah, see? Me? Adorable? Not so much. Obviously, I liked cookies. (My dad did my hair. Isn't it lovely?) Seriously, Mother, couldn't you at least have pulled my shirt down?

So I paid her back for this lovely ensemble by waking her up 40 years later for Mother's Day. (Check that outfit. And she wonders why at 43, I buy my clothes at Costco.) I also paid Dad back for stretching my scalp and slanting my eyes with his "ponytails". I woke him up first. HA!

"Hi! It's 6:30 on Sunday there! Happy Mother's Day!" I had a nice, short chat with Dad, then a nice, long chat with Mom, then I had to run to the grocery. Phillip's parents were coming over for Mother's Day Breakfast and I didn't have egg one. I'd have loved to have my own parents here, but they're 800+ miles away. And they probably were back in bed anyway, after having been woken up at the crack of dawn. (Did I mention I won?)

The menu wasn't all that impressive. There was fresh fruit sprinkled with a little sugar:


Thanks for the teapot, Leigh!

Smoked salmon and cream cheese for bagels:

Scrambled eggs with chives and turkey bacon and bagels.

I tried to keep it on the healthy side. Multi-grain bagels, uncured turkey bacon, fresh fruit. It was a gorgeous day. We ate outside and talked and talked.

OK, well, Pootie talked.

His parents listened.

You don't need any recipes. You can all make scrambled eggs and dribble some chives in there, and you can all toast some bagels and cut up some fruit.

So do it. And invite your mother and father, or your mother and father-in-law over, and spend a lazy Sunday enjoying some family time.

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