Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sit Around and Wait Stage

This is us.

Brad left us all alone a week ago. In the Redo Diary I'm keeping, the past five days have read: "No work on kitchen."

This is where we are, more or less.

We have most of the cabinets, but one is missing, along with some of the shelves. Plus, the hardware still has to go on and so does the countertop on the sink side, so we can't actually use them yet.

And we still don't have a kitchen sink or a dishwasher. So any kind of real cooking is out of the question. It's just not worth messing up a bunch of dishes and having to wash them in the bathroom sink.

Besides, all the food is still in boxes sitting in the living room. It's not easy to find anything.

But we've restored order to the dining room and cleaned. And the mudroom is one hundred per cent complete, thanks to Pootie.

Here's Pootie, cleaning up in the mudroom. I like this shot. Doesn't he have nice legs? Sorry, ladies, he's mine.

Behind those louvered doors are my new stackable washer/dryer. And no one has taken them away from me and they're still working. So that makes me happy.

But the kitchen isn't. Working, I mean. Not fully.

The contractor was supposed to send the plumber Friday to hook up the dishwasher and sink and install the countertop. But he emailed today and asked if we would mind waiting until the missing cabinet and shelves, etc. arrive supposedly on Wednesday.

This was my reaction.

Then this.

Then this.

Then this.

Because, you know, I'm tough. And I have to always look fabulous. There's that.

So we caved and said "OK, we'll wait." With the caveat that if the cabinet people screw us over again, we want a Plan B that doesn't involve waiting another week. Important note: The "missing cabinet and shelves" were shorted by the cabinet folks, but the contractor, despite us specifically requesting that he check the shipment before he tore out our kitchen, didn't. Check the shipment, that is. Yes, I'm a little annoyed about that. So far, we're waiting for the sheet metal guy to finish the countertop anyway, so IF the missing cabinet and shelves and such come in when they're SUPPOSED to, we'll only be three days behind. But if they don't, and we're stuck another full week without being able to wash dishes or put things away...

Things could get seriously ugly around here.

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