Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Big Little Kitchen Redo: We're in (!)

We're still waiting on the tile backsplash, but the cabinets were ready and we had a sink to wash a month of dust off all the cookware. Note the tile supplies in the mudroom, waiting to be used.

Saturday morning, Jeffrey the Beneficent, who recently restored my toilet, arrived a little before 8:00 AM to plumb the dishwasher and the sink. Were we ever glad to see him!

He left around 11:30, and we were all of a sudden able to REALLY wash dishes! Oh, my head! So we immediately left the house.

Yes, Pootie always wears a tie, and I always look this good when I leave the house. Don't you?
 We had some errands to run. Groceries, for starters. Nothing much yet. I haven't planned meals out, but pickins were pretty slim around here. I needed bagels.

Then we got back and have spent the remainder of the weekend moving in.

Putting things in drawers...

Organizing spices...

Filling the Pantry...

Figuring out where to put things in the cabinets...

Elise Higdon, I hope you're reading this and notice that the canister you gave P. in high school is still in use in our kitchen, holding sugar, as it has been for over 20 years now.
and basically just getting things cleaned and put away after weeks of living like this:

Dinky worked hard. He was worn out.

It's Miller Time!

And yes, I've cooked dinner the past two nights. Last night I did a curry that was so hot I couldn't eat it. Poor me. Clearly, I've forgotten how to cook. Tonight, I grilled some salmon and served it over white beans with rosemary and a salad. No, I didn't take pictures and all that. I'm beat.

I don't really count these past couple of nights as "the first meal I cook in my new kitchen". Because it's not completely finished - we still have at least two more days of tile work. And after working all weekend to purge old stuff and move all the crap back in, (would someone explain to me why I was keeping a package of Quinoa from 2005? ),I was too tired to get all jiggy in the kitchen.

But I have something kind of special planned for our innaugural meal. Stay tuned and you'll get to share in a pretty cool experience. Shh! It's a secret for now.

While we're all waiting, I'm going to go lie on the floor in the new kitchen and take it all in.

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