Friday, March 25, 2011

Cafe 305 Kitchen Renovation: Filth and Squalor

Time for an update on:

This is my life.

That's the range and hood. We had a little scare with these on Tuesday. The HVAC guys came to look at the specs for the hood and shook their heads and said that we'd have to have ten inch ducting and an extra intake for it, and that because our house was so tiny, we'd also have to add a ton of capacity to the current HVAC unit. Or buy a lower end range and hood. We did some fast (and kind of frantic) checking with the guys we bought the appliances from, another HVAC company and the head engineer for the county who will be doing the inspection and got the official verdict that these guys were full of beans. My range and hood are safe. And someone else will be installing the vent.

Meanwhile, back in my living room:

I know. We look like an episode of Hoarders.

Oh, and it's not just relegated to the inside.

In fairness, Brad, our carpenter, is fastidious. He wipes off surfaces, tries his best to contain dust, and leaves his workspace neat as a pin. But on top of the construction mess, I'm battling this.

And losing.

Yes, Spring. Beautiful Spring has arrived on the NC coast.

But along with this loveliness, comes this.

You try keeping it out of the house.

I asked Brad to just install a drain in the center of the house so that when this is all over, I can just pressure wash everything. He laughed at me.

So we live in filth and squalor and a thick coating of dust and pollen.

But wait! What's this?


Nick, our contractor, has said he thinks we'll be completely finished by Tuesday April 5. Andie (that's me) says she's betting we're looking at Friday, April 9. At the earliest. Because a cabinet is missing and one side is the wrong finish. Despite the fact that we said "Nick, hey, make sure ALL the cabinets are on the delivery and undamaged". He didn't, because "It's OK, these guys never screw up my cabinet order". I've given him a little good-natured grief about that. He's been great, really. That's a tiny hiccup in a project that has otherwise gone a heck of a lot more smoothly than the bathroom.

Anyway, you guys are welcome to put together a pool on finish time. But I'm guessing Nick's date won't get many takers.

Meanwhile, we wait and live like this.

And eat dinner out every night. Except last night, when Ned and Melissa took pity on us and fed us a home cooked meal so we didn't have to go to a restaurant. (Holla!) They get the first dinner from our new kitchen when it's finished.

And after we clean.

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