Thursday, February 3, 2011

I haven't died, gone into hiding, or been grounded from the internet

I'm still here. Although there are days when I seriously consider running away from home. Everyone does, right?

Pretty obvious I wasn't really wanting to run away from home in my nightgown given the huge grin. And I'd like to think my mother wouldn't have taken some "goodbye shots", although...? I liked the hobo handkerchief on a stick thing, though. I wonder whatever happened to Shelly? And why she was dressed and I was running around in my nightgown. Couldn't my parents afford clothes for me?

I'm not going to whine about how busy I've been. Don't you hate that? "Oh, my gawd, I've been Sooooooo busy!" Oh, for heaven's sake, EVERYBODY'S busy. You're not any "specialer" than anybody else. And I like busy anyway. No, mostly it's been about distractions, like the house exterior getting a LONG overdue painting and window rehab...

A new face on 305.

... and other motivation-sucking things going on around here. The biggest one has honestly been the Big Little Kitchen Redo.

Logo compliments of Pootie. Copyright and all that stuff. Oh, this is going to get used a lot in the next few weeks.

I'll be frank. I seriously suck at things like picking out paint colors and making decisions about appliances, tile, blahbitty blah blah blah. It stresses me out.

I know. You're going "Dayum, girl! You're about to do a kitchen makeover! You should be thrilled! What fun!" It will be, once I pass the self-doubt phase and the constant decision-questioning.

Although I doubt I'd go this far to the Dark Side.

It helps that we're on a tight budget. That obviously makes a lot of decisions for me. For example, despite all of the wonderful advice about a farmer's sink (thank you!), the reality is, I simply can't afford one. So we'll be going with a double stainless with rounded corners that fits in my budget. One decision made. By default. The range? Well, I can't afford a Wolf or a Viking, and our kitchen is tiny, so we can't really house some ginormous beast with six thousand burners and a skillion BTUs. Double ovens? Out of the question, unless I want to sacrifice a major cabinet and my vehicle. So a GE Cafe range with a small lower oven it is.

Given all the activity, plus work, plus a sick dog keeping me up at night, at the end of the day, I've just felt all floppy and tired and drained. Meals have been less than inspired.

Well, maybe not quite this bad, but you get the point. Actually, confession time - I loved these when I was a kid. Except peas. I've always hated those.

Just watch, though. The minute they tear my kitchen apart and I CAN'T cook in there is the minute I have all these wonderful ideas for Asian-Mexican-African Fusion Cuisine. Bank on it.

So stand by your woman. Send me some positive vibes. And a backbone. Send me emails that say "Suck it up, cupcake!". It's time for courage. And fortitude. It's not time for me to go hide in the wilderness.

much as I'd like to.

No. It's time for:

Heaven help us all.

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