Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cafe 305 Kitchen Renovation: The Bath and Mudroom parts

Everyone who has ever had any work done on a house will warn you: It drags on forever. Projects that YOU think will last a week go on for three. (Or projects you are told by your contractor will last a week ... you know.) Take, for example, our bathroom. Oh, never mind, you can't. Because the contractors already took it.

While we have had our sink and toilet restored to us, we're still limping along in there without the shower. We had a few days of normal, just to lull me into complacency, but Monday they started the mudroom portion of the project.

No, the red on the walls is not blood. My toilet was put back barely in time, though. Things were about to get ugly.

See the pipes on the left with nothing attached? That's where our water heater goes. Went. Was. Is no more. The pipes on the right belong to our washer.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yes. The bathroom. We lost the water heater on Monday, so while I did at least have a working toilet (!) and sink, there was no hot water, so not a lot of point in trying to shower here at 305. Unless you're into that kind of thing. Which I'm not. It also makes it difficult to wash dishes and obviously with no washer, impossible to wash clothes. So we've been spending some quality time with Ps parents, using their shower and their washer and dryer. I drew the line at bringing dirty dishes over there, though. I boiled water on the stove, just like the cavemen did. No really! Look it up!

Me, with Dinky. Circa this week.
Anyway, new slate tile went down in the mudroom, among other things.


Brad didn't enjoy putting that down. It's not perfectly square. He doesn't like that. Something about it being a ^*% to work with. But he liked it once it was down. And picked out his favorites. Pootie told me which ones they were, but I've forgotten.

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, which has apparently become open to the public, the tile was getting new grout, and the tub refinished.

Look how white! No way am I showing you how it looked before.

More brilliant white!
The tub was refinished Friday. There is no drain. Next week the plumbers have to come back and install one. Then someone else is supposed to install shower doors. So I've given up hope of ever actually being able to use the shower again. The upside of this is it should stay this white and clean forever!

While the shower tile was being regrouted, Brad completed grouting the mudroom floor. We called it Grout Day. He told Dinky to stay out. "Don't get your toenails in my grout, Dinky!"

"Tell ME, no...Ima sneak in there in the night and write some stuff in the wet grout, bitches! Look out!" (Dinky has a potty-mouth.)

Then when the tub refinishers were giving me a headache and making me high as a kite with their solvents and their paint, someone installed the new water heater. I think it was fairies. Or maybe penguins. I was seeing a lot of those once the tub refinishing started. They also put my washer back. We've sold the dryer. The washer is for sale, too - we're getting stackables and everything will be put behind louvered doors. But the stackables won't be in until March 1. It's always something.

Nick, the contractor, got the hoses backward on the washer. I laughed at him. Because I totally would have done it right.
So SUPPOSEDLY, next week: Put a drain back in the tub and caulk so we can actually use it and install shower doors so we never have to replace the freakin' floor again. Then my bathroom will be closed to the public FOREVER!!!! Also Nick said "Trim the mudroom...something paint something...Brad on vacation...something doors something something." Clearly my focus is on kicking everyone out of the bathroom, and since I don't have the means to do my laundry until March 1 anyway, I don't care. I have a toilet that works. Have I mentioned that? Not that I've been able to actually use it much, since it seems there is always someone in there, but still, I have one.

Coming soon! (Or not so soon - it's all relative when you're talking house renovations) The completion of the bathroom and the mudroom, and the initial demolition of the kitchen of Cafe 305!

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