Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cafe 305 Kitchen Renovation: And So It Begins

I think you are famliar with my love and mostly hate relationship with my kitchen. If not, click that link and go catch up. We'll wait.

You back? Oh, good. I missed you!

The big news here at 305 is that we have decided to do the kitchen renovation project sooner rather than later. We were in the middle of an unnecessary peace of mind (I'm kind of a Chicken Little) refinance when we started talking about just rolling the kitchen remodel in. Then, when Pootie pointed out that on the current plan, I'd be 50 before I'd have a decent kitchen, it just fell into place. We got our estimate, we got the refinancing, the down payment has been sent to the contractor, and he's putting us on the schedule. We're not sure when yet. He's got to finish Pootie's parents' kitchen first. That's OK. We'll wait.

I am both excited and terrified about this project. So many possibilities for making bad selections and other mistakes.

Maybe my kitchen will be as awesome as his.
But I have the advantage of having many years to think about it. I have some definites in the plan already:
1. We will not increase the square footage of the kitchen.
2. We are not changing the basic layout or footprint of the kitchen.
3. I have appliances picked out already. All we need is a vent-a-hood and a range.
4. I will have stainless steel countertops on one side and butcher-block on the other side. Non-negotiable.
5. The backsplash will be subway tile.
6. We are leaving the existing old pine flooring in.

Where I'm the most baffled is cabinetry. I know the brand we're using, but I want to make sure it's well-planned for storage. We are moving all the dishware and serving pieces into a large buffet with hutch in the dining room, so the only thing in the kitchen will be cookware and food.

Just about anything has to be better than this.

Second in line behind the cabinets battering around in my poor, overwhelmed brain is the kitchen sink. I know I want stainless, it needs to be big and deep, and I think I want double-sided, but beyond that, I'm a little light-headed over the choices.

So if any of you out there have advice, horror stories, fairy tales or other information or anecdotes pertaining to kitchen renovations, I am all ears. I need all the help I can get here. The ultimate goal is smart storage, clean space, more useable counter surface and no clutter! Now go forth and help a girl.

Say goodbye!

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