Friday, December 17, 2010

305 Holiday Bash: Day Two Prep

Yesterday wasn't the most productive day in terms of food for party prep. This is about all I got done food-wise:

I managed to soak a pot of black beans. Hey. I do have a day job.

And I ran the vacuum. Although I'll have to do that again Saturday...

Why, yes. I always wear pumps when I do housework. Don't you?

...because I have one of these.

I can't believe people actually ask me if he sheds.

Nothing got done last night, because Phillip's sweet parents

took us to the NC Symphony's holiday performance.

That was fun!

We did manage to make a quick run here:

Mainly to get one of these:

For this!!

Yay! An early Christmas present from my parents! Perfect timing! Hopefully it won't be raining, and we'll be able to use the pavilion!

But that's not looking good right now.

We shall see! Tune in tomorrow! Same bat time! Same bat channel!

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