Sunday, December 19, 2010

305 Holiday Bash: The Day After

It takes a lot of plates.

Whew. There is a sad dearth of pictures from the party. It's always the way. It's hard to hostess and snap photos at the same time. And some people (my sister-in-law) get highly annoyed with picture-taking.

The weather was just awful. Cold, windy and rainy all day long. The kind of nasty day that keeps people inside, unless they have to drag coolers out of the shed and haul out trash and recycling. I saw more of the great outdoors yesterday than I really cared to.

But the show must go on! And there really wasn't all that much work left to do on Saturday besides set up. As you know, I'd already gotten the pork cubano ready, and had prepared the black beans the day after that. Friday I made Pam Anderson's Pimento Cheese with Olives that she let us sample at her cooking class a month or so ago. Oh, my goodness, that stuff is good!

It took me all of 10 minutes to put together.

Fortunately for me, there's some leftover.

I also made her spiced mixed nuts. I'm serious, people. If you need a last-minute Christmas gift for someone who is even remotely interested in cooking and entertaining, buy her latest cookbook for them.

The nuts were also super simple, and apparently pretty well-liked, because I didn't have much of these leftover at all. I should have hidden some. They're just mixed nuts, roasted and then tossed with melted butter (how can you go wrong there??), and some thyme and other seasonings. The most time-consuming part was futzing with the thyme, and you really can't complain much about three minutes of leaf-stripping.

Here's the full menu for the party:

Pam Anderson's Pimento Cheese and Olives
Pam Anderson's Roasted Mixed Spiced Nuts
White Bean and Roasted Red Pepper Dip
Assorted crackers and crudites

Mixed Greens with Honey-Lime Cumin Vinaigrette

Grilled Trout with Chili-Brown Sugar Rub
Black Beans
Corn Muffins

Every last piece of nostalgic candy from Market Street Candy oh my god I'm going to be eating Squirrel Nut Zippers until my own zipper breaks from the strain.

Lots of beer
Lots of wine (thanks, Eric and Sara!)

Did I mention the weather was nasty? Did I also mention we have a pavilion? And did I mention that my wonderful parents gave us an early Christmas present, which allowed us to use the seating in the pavilion?

See half of my sister-in-law? Glowering at me? Toldja.
It was 36 degrees, windy and drizzly. But it was still cozy and comfortable in the pavilion. Notice no one out there is wearing a coat? That patio heater rocked! We're going to be able to eat outside all winter long!

We wound up with about forty people. Thank goodness I have a mother-in-law who lives close by, also likes to entertain, and doesn't mind loaning me extra plates and utensils.

I told you that this year, I decided to go casual. And I told my friend Jenn I was going for ugly Christmas sweaters. So...

Isn't she stinkin' adorable? I love her.

I kind of feel bad. I didn't put as much effort into the entire party as Jenn and David did into their ensembles.

Several ladies offered to help unwrap David.

They definitely won "Most Team Spirit".

I really want to just keep them.
For fun this year, I had my Personal Pootie Santa deliver a little party favor to our guests.

Here's what it does.


I played cat-herder and tried to get everyone in sync...

...which didn't work all that well.


Nice, huh? Invite people to my house, boss them around, then tell them they're incompetent! Bet you want to come to all my parties, don't you? I have no idea what my mother-in-law is doing.

I think everyone had a good time, though. I certainly did. Pootie and I are slowly digging out from under the aftermath today. We're both tired. I had a glass and a half of wine and forgot to eat. I hope it was good. 

Now we're coasting until Christmas. Monday is Pootie's birthday, and we'll have a quiet little celebration for that with his parents at Marc and Sara's restaurant. And then we wait for Christmas!


Ned said...

Can't believe I freaking missed it...feeling even sicker now.

Anonymous said...

Always a treat! Delightful food and drink and wonderful guests!

Melissa said...

Did you save me one of those little music boxes? I am so bummed we missed it. Now Christmas just won't be the same...

Andie Reid said...

Of course I did!