Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Holidays. Oh! The Holidays!

Am I the only one who misses those wonderful, drapey, lead icicles?
I love me some Christmas. Love it, love it, love it! I'm one of those freaks who starts trying to play Christmas music in July. Although usually just because the weather depresses the hell out of me and it's just a reminder that it will go away, eventually. I'm NOT one of the people who wants to decorate to the hilt - that's way too much work for me, and it gets kind of grungy after a couple of weeks. I do put up a tree (and I believe we'll be doing that today!) and get excited about that every year.

Would someone please give me a tree skirt? 20 years and I've never had one.

But mostly the holidays are of course, about the food. One cooking day in particular is sacred to me, and that is Cookie Baking Day.

When I worked in the office, lo, these many long years ago, I was The Baker. I made the birthday cakes. I brought in coffee cakes. I baked cookies and whatever took butter, sugar and flour and brought it in the office. I loved to bake.

Could I please have my 24 year old body and hair back?
That was our very first Christmas tree. We bought it from this guy who cut them down and brought them to the office. We had no monies. So we had some white lights, strung popcorn, and one package of red balls. We were so happy with our first tree. We sat and admired it from the hand-me-down sofa.

Me: Isn't it pretty?
Me: Did we buy twinkly lights? I thought they were just plain old white.
Pootie: No... they're just regular. They do seem to be kind of twinkly though, don't they?
Me: They actually look like they're moving...
Pootie: They do... don't they?
Me: (getting up and examining the tree more closely) Holy @@$!!!! There are TICKS all OVER this thing!! Oh my god! Oh my god! Do something! Kill them!
Pootie: You can't be seri... Oh my god! They're EVERYWHERE!!!
Me: Oh my god! Oh my god! I was all up in this thing earlier decorating it! I'm probably covered! Hose me down! Check me! Check me! Ticks! Ticks! Oh my god!

True story.

As it turned out, I had managed to escape unscathed. And we "borrowed" a flea and tick bomb from the neighbor and gassed the crap out of our tree that night. The next morning, we had a bedsheet full of dead ticks and a tree that smelled like pesticide.

Ahhhh, the simplicity of the First Christmas Together...

Pootie's Masterpiece

Also that Christmas, Pootie made the Martha Stewart Gingerbread Mansion for our dear friends Ben and Amy. He used about twenty pounds of sugar trying to get the hard crack stage right for the windows. The apartment was a disaster. But it was beautiful. See the little lampost? Isn't that cute?

What was I talking about? Oh. Cookie Baking Day. After we moved from Atlanta, I kept working for the office and shipped them Christmas cookies every year. I've never missed a year, and I left in 1996. That's 14 years of cookie baking and shipping.

So come Saturday, I'll load up my embarrassingly large iTunes list of Christmas music, and by 8:00 AM I'll be elbow-deep in butter, flour and sugar once again. Loosen your belts, ladies and gentlemen. You're likely to osmose some calories just from reading the blog after this blowout.

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Marti said...

OMG Andie, the tick story made me spit my coffee through my nose! Way to funny now, at the time probably not so funny!

Will watch for pictures of the cookie blow out.