Monday, October 11, 2010

High School Reunions and Nothing To Do With Food

Weren't the 80s ossum? Don't tell me you don't remember. I'll bet good money I don't have any readers that are much under 40 out there. (I probably could have put a period right after "readers"). That picture there is probably the most flattering picture in existence of me from that era. And there aren't many. I spent a great deal of time avoiding the camera altogether. Seriously.

See? You don't want to know what happened to the photographer. He never fully recovered.

Go through the family pictures at my mom and dad's and it looks like I disappeared after age 11 and reappeared at age 22. I like to tell people they sent me away to military school. But everyone knows I'm way too bossy to have made it there longer than a week.

This is my best friend from high school. And this pretty well sums up our personalities. I was charming, let me tell you.

Lynn's gonna kill me for this one.

I had a nice group of friends in high school and I loved them. Some of us went on to college together, some went other places. Some of us got married, some didn't. Some of us had babies, some of us didn't. Some of us colored our hair, some of us (ahem) obviously didn't. All of us moved away. Scattered to the four winds. But gradually, most of us have wandered back to each other virtually. Most of us, the girls anyway, made it to this 25th reunion. (There were boys, too, but the ones we ran around with are hosers and didn't show. So there, guys!)

There are lots of ippy, drippy, gooey sentimental sayings about old friends, and I'm not going to pollute my blog with them. I'm not that kind of girl. I'll just say I was very happy to spend time with some people who are important to me this past weekend. I'm just as bossy as I was in high school, I still can't dress myself stylishly, and I'm not any more fond of having my picture taken, but these folks seem to like me anyway.

And I've never even had them over to Cafe 305 and bribed them with food to be my friends! What do you know about that?

But if they lived here, I sure would!

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I promise I'll have something about food. Maybe even a recipe for you!

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