Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Conversations: My Utensil Drawer

Pootie and I were emptying the dishwasher the other day.

Me: Listen, I know this is going to make me sound really picky...

Pootie: What?

Me: Well, you know, I'm left-handed. And I have to make all kinds of accomodations for living in a right-handed world...

Pootie: Yes. So is President Obama. You should ask him how he adapts.

Me: Is he? I didn't know that. Or if I did, I didn't remember.

Pootie: Yes. He is. Hey, you know what the First Family wears to bed?

Me: What?

Pootie: Obama-jamas!

Me: That's really terrible. Don't go on the road with that one.

Pootie: heh heh heh

Me: Back to my utensil drawer.

Pootie: What?

Me: My utensil drawer.

Pootie: How old IS that wooden spoon?

Me: I got it when we got married, so 20 years. It's my favorite.

Pootie: I can tell. There's not much left of it. Looks like you've put it in the blender.

Me: I did once. Back to my utensil drawer. I know this is going to make me sound really picky, but I'm left-handed. And I'm pretty much the main cook here in the kitchen. This drawer is right next to the stove, and when I open it, I grab stuff out of it with my LEFT HAND. It would be really nice if I didn't have to grab it, then turn it around and fiddle with it. Would you mind just putting things in this drawer  with the handles pointing to the left?

Pootie: Yeah, you're right.

Me: Thank you, that will make my life easier.

Pootie: No, you're right. That does make you sound really picky.

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pjstephen said...

In my lifetime Ford, George the 1st, Reagan, Clinton and Obama are all Southpaws. Y'all have way too much power...