Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ear Worm Wednesday!

One of my favorite ways to annoy Pootie is to spontaneously break into a commercial jingle from the 70s (or early 80s). He REALLY hates that. And I think he's secretly ashamed of my encylcopedic  knowledge of something so utterly useless. But I don't think of anything with THAT kind of POWER to ANNOY as useless! Even as I type this, Pootie is saying "Do I need to call the 70s Jingle Police and have them come and arrest you???"


So in the interest of nostalgia, (because I'll eat my hat if anyone under the age of 30 is reading this blog - and I'm being age-generous), I give you Ear Worm Wednesday! Where I will share the food jingles of the 70s and 80s until I run out. Which is going to be a long, long, time. So strap yourselves in, you fellow teetery geezers, and let's relive some of the awesomeness. (I'm going to point out here that Valley Girl was an 80s movie and totally had the rad vernacular that has carried over into my 14 year-old nephew's generation. To the max! Whether he believes me or not, his friends did not invent 'gnarly' OR 'dude'.)

Hungry Jack Biscuits

We DID eat us some Hungry Jack Biscuits when I was growing up. Dad would make homemade ones that were delicious - they tasted different just about every time - but we also had the canned variety, and sometimes they were Hungry Jack. I liked them! And that carried over into my 20s, when I was married and poor and thin and could eat whatever I wanted without visible ramifications. (I said visible. I know they weren't good for me. And I said I was poor.) We'd have sausage biscuits for dinner once every couple of months. MAN they were good.

Anyway, we have a friend named Jack. And sometimes when he and Beth come over for dinner, I ask him if he's hungry. And then, I sing.

Heh, heh, heh.

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