Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ear Worm Wednesday! Sunshine on a Stick!

I spontaneously bust out this one and the cheese one pretty often. Pootie hates it.

I loved Timer. I don't care if the guys who came up with him were on drugs and he looks like a little fatty tumor with legs.

I tried to do this once when I was a kid. My plastic wrap didn't behave the way Timer's did. It wouldn't stick to the plastic ice cube tray, and when I tried to "carefully poke the toothpicks through the plastic", it just mooshed the plastic down in the juice. And our freezer wasn't empty, so some of it sloshed out trying to cram it in there. So much for the mess being a minimum.

Dad bought me a popsicle mold, though, so it was all good. (And we used Kool-Aid.)

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