Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nobody's perfect, and I don't even come close.

Sunday was the day Paul came over to help me learn how to take halfway decent pictures with my camera. This is what Sunday looked like.


Dinnertime rolled around, and while I couldn't get too stoked about going outside to use the grill, I also didn't want to tax our already-strained air-conditioning by heating up the kitchen. So I decided to grill everything I could.

Now you know me. I don't like messing up the grill, and supposedly all that charcoal burned stuff on the food isn't good for you. That means cooking on foil and parchment lined pans most of the time, or slamming my cast-iron skillet  on the grill for steaks. Which is what we were having. But I also prepared a side of deviled potatoes.

Some beautiful purple and yellow Farmer's Market potatoes

I cut up about a pound of small potatoes, mixed them together with a couple of Tablespoons of olive oil, kosher salt and pepper, about 2 Tbs. of dijon mustard and 3 Tbs. of mayonnaise.

Instead of a foil-lined pan, I used a pyrex baking dish and put it on the preheated grill.

Paul? This picture is blue. Help. WB switched from incandescant to daylight.

Then, because the heat had sucked out my superpowers, I went in and took a little nap.

I think you can see where this is going.

The charred, black smears on the broken Pyrex should give you a decent gauge of how long my nap was. I was too ashamed to show you what was left of the potatoes.

But look how amazing I am! Asbestos hands!
Oh, fine. It was cool by then.
You know, sometimes you people are no fun.

I'm just going to put it out there that yes, I have cooked with Pyrex on the grill before. But this was pushing it a little. OK, a lot. It held together until I set it down on the side piece on the grill. Which was nowhere near cool, much less cold. I'd just cooked the ever livin' phoo out of that poor pan.

Believe it or not, enough of the potatoes were salvageable to be able to eat with dinner. Go figure.

I was asked recently by a friend on Twitter what were some of my kitchen disasters. Well, folks, we can certainly add this one to the very long list.

"Small Pyrex Dish" is now on my list for a trip to Target.

But man, I needed that nap.

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Susan said...

I once exploded a Pyrex dish on a stovetop. I must say you couldn't get me to put one on a grill under any circumstances!! You are having a bad week, though, aren't you?