Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Peaches

Well, nothing much more seasonal right now than peaches, and obviously, I have a lot of them.

Pork and peaches just sort of go together in the summer. And bourbon. Did I just say that out loud? I didn't think so. Anyway, this is easy on the front end and only slightly fussy at the end. Worth it.

Start with a pork tenderloin. Slice it in half, then half it again lengthwise. Actually, you know what? It doesn't really matter HOW you slice it. (heh, heh, heh) You can cut it into discs, you can cut it in half lengthwise, and honestly, you can just throw the thing whole on there, and it will be just fine, regardless. So to rephrase, I sliced it in half, then halved it again lengthwise, and salted and peppered it "real good". And put it on a foil-lined, parchment-topped baking sheet to go on the grill. Then I turned the grill on high - about 500F.

Look. I'm really sorry. Yes, I mean I am a sorry photographer. Even with a new camera that takes better pictures, I still totally suck. My apologies. This is supposed to be salted and peppered pork loin.

Slice a whole (largeish) onion and about four fresh peachesNOMNOMNOMNOM!!

OK, please notice the blurry saucer in the background, demonstrating my knowledge of "aperture settings". AAHAHAHAA Sorry. There's a button on the camera that says "Blur background". Anyway, this is a farmer's market onion.

Brush the tenderloin with dijon mustard to coat it a little.

Note the blurred brush, indication action/activity. I am brushing the pork loin. See?

Dump the sliced peaches and onion on top of the pork.

Now put the pan on the grill for about 13 - 15 minutes, maybe longer, depending on whether you sliced the pork tenderloin or left it whole. Please remember, it is now OK to have pork a little pink in the middle. Trichinosis isn't really an issue in the domesticated pork in the U.S. anymore. (Chris, this is for you, man.)

When the pork is about done, heat a small pan over medium on the stove. Bring in the pork. Put about 1 Tbs. of olive oil in the pan and add the peaches and onions from the pan, along with any juices. Add 1/3 cup bourbon and 1 Tbs. butter and stir together until the liquid is reduced by about half.


Slice the pork and pour the deleeshious peach/onion/bourbon/butter sauce over.

Here's the .pdf version.

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