Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming out of the Dark.

This is Paul. I took this with his lens. He rocks.

Those of you who have read this blog before know that my photographic abilities are pretty much nil. In a nutshell, I suck. No one who has looked at the "artwork" I've displayed here would argue otherwise. While I'd very much like to blame equipment, I won't, because then I'd just be a big fat liar. I'm just awful. Plain and simple.

However, in an attempt to shed some of my picture-taking suckage, I've taken measures. Step one: Get a big-girl camera. No more point-and-shoot. That, I'll reserve for beach trips and kayaking, because it's waterproof. For my birthday in June (D-Day, for those of you keeping track), I got an entry-level Nikon. (Thanks, Pootie!).

Step two: I got a book on photography from my brother, who is an excellent photographer. (Did you come back after checking his site? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Have I mentioned he got all the good genes?) So I've been reading that to just gain a little understanding about the subject, and talking to John about a few things.

Step 3: I turned to my friend Paul Stephen, who photographs for our local paper, and begged him to come over and help me figure out how this black thing with all the dials and buttons actually works. And he generously agreed to help!

Oh, man, was it worth it.

Check me out, now!

This is a pepper.

I've been whining and moaning about how there's not enough light in my kitchen to get decent pictures forever. Wrong! There was not a good enough photographer in my kitchen to get decent pictures! (You know, people, it's really kind of rude to not at least pretend to be surprised at this revelation.)

I'm not going to go into all the camera settings Paul taught me to change and such. A lot of that is still a little jumbled in my head, and I'd screw it all up and look like an idiot. But what he taught me worked! Man, did it ever work! There is hope for me after all! And hope for you. Perhaps you can look at pictures of food I took and not cringe! Maybe I'll stop swiping pictures of Bigfoot and camera puppets off the internet to illustrate my blog!

 Or not.

Anyway, with my newfound scary knowledge, I went forth and prepared dinner last night. And later, I will show you the results. (Unfortunately, I had a minor kitchen disaster - evidently what I gained in photography information had to displace some cooking common sense data. I think my brain must be full.)

Meanwhile, I will revel in my mad photography skilz and take sixty more pictures of Dinky. And Pootie's shorts. And part of my foot. (There can be a shortage of subject matter when you work at home alone.) As far as composition goes, I may remain hopeless.

Seriously. Stop taking my picture. I just had a bath and my mojo is gone.

Stay tuned!

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Leigh said...

Ooooh! F-stops, apeture, depth of field!!!

Very exciting stuff. Can't wait to see more!