Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sad Days at Cafe 305

Sorry I've been away, but it's been a pretty rough week here at Cafe 305. Last Tuesday, my sweet Steamboat Poppy went off his food, and it was a horribly rapid downhill spiral to the inevitable end Monday morning. He was nine years old, and we feel lucky to have had him healthy and happy until almost the last.

I'm extremely grateful to all my friends and family for their understanding and kind words of support. The kitchen floor is emptier and lonelier now, and the sadness makes the food not as good. The spot next to my office chair is cold.

We miss you, buddy.



Anonymous said...

What a sweet ode to a boy!


Anonymous said...

Oh Andie, I was so sad to hear about Steamboat and now your photo tribute made me cry! He was a dog of stature and substance and, in spite of what Dinky said about him, dignity.

Anonymous said...

Tribute worthy of the huge hairy floor rider himself! Much love.