Monday, June 14, 2010

Minor Kitchen Organization Project

In the interest of trying to make my crappy kitchen work a little better, I recently purchased a small new toy.

And spent a Saturday afternoon making labels for my spices...

And other things…

and putting the bulk ones into more uniform jars. The spices. Bulky Dinky won’t fit in a jar.

And labeling my old jars, which I'd been kind of using The Force to identify. (Hey, my sense of smell is excellent.)

This is what happens when you are trying to make labels while talking your sister-in-law through making your lemon cake recipe. She was adding the powdered sugar for the icing. Don't worry. As you can see, I have scissors.

It’s not a disaster of epic proportions, but it’s still pretty good. Never underestimate my mess-making ability.

So I went from this:

To this:

Marginally better. But I still want a new kitchen when I grow up.


Twining Vine Designs said...

I have one of those, for the same reason. It rocks. Seriously. And top labeling is the way to go, sister! Not to mention the canning jars for storage. Open that drawer and BOOM, you can see what's in there.

Andie Reid said...

I love that thing. I came close to a labeling everything in the house like a Richard Scarry book.