Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the Proverbial Weeds

I'm so there. It's been a really challenging couple of weeks, some good, some bad. Family upheaval, TONS of work sprinkled with a decent dose of frustration and stress of deadlines, and a demanding new workout schedule have done a fairly effective job of keeping me from blogging. (But hey - ask me how many unassisted chinups I can do!) The spare time I've had, (when I'm not fighting crime) I've spent reading - I finished Kurlansky's Salt and have finally got round to reading Michael Ruhlman's The Making of a Chef. I know. I'm like a decade late. It's been on my list forever.

So here are a couple of highlights from the good stuff the past couple of weeks.

Snow!! In Wilmington! Gotta say, that was way cool, and I was seriously stoked. We got four inches overnight, and by the next evening, it was pretty much gone. Didn't stick on the roads or sidewalks - it was perfect, in other words.

The dogs liked it too.
Steamboat made it his personal mission to try to eat all the snow in the back.

But by afternoon, it was melting. It was so short-lived that we went kayaking the next day.

Our friend and kayak instructor, Robert, breaking the ice at the launch ramp

OK, so it was still a little cold. It warmed up considerably throughout the day, and by the time we hit afternoon, it was comfortable. Here's a video summary of the trip. It was really beautiful. We went down Rice Creek to Town Creek and most of the way down that. It was a five hour paddle plus a 45 minute lunch stop.

What does any of this have to do with cooking? Not a damned thing. That's my problem. I've been doing a lot of "Protein/Carb/Veggie" dinners that have been lacking in imagination. My day starts at 6:30 with work, then a workout fit in there somewhere, more work, more work, then it's 5:30 and I take about a half hour to read or mess with my ukulele (!) and then it's time to cook dinner. And during the work time, I'm not really in a position to think about what I'm going to cook. Work has just eaten my lunch- I'm in the weeds, as it were. Then after dinner, I just haven't been motivated to blog, read recipes, gather info - do much of anything, really. We've actually been watching the teevee, which is not like us. (The BBC's Wild China was REALLY good, by the way.) Then bed, a little reading, and there's a day. Gone.

I know a lot of you are reading this and saying "Welcome to my world! Try that with two kids!" True dat. Don't know how you do it most of the time.

But I need to get back to cooking and posting and getting some menus together, so I'm striving to do that this weekend. We have some fun food peeps coming over for dinner Saturday night, so I'd by golly BETTER get my butt in gear and put something decent on the table, or my street cred is taking a huge hit.

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Michaela said...

I know, I feel guilty when I complain about time to my friends with little kids:) Steamboat is just the cutest:)