Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Visit Part 2

Second day of the family visit, John and Nat helped me grocery shop for the party - Costco, Red Bank Wine and Fresh Market. Then we picked up P., who wisely opted out of shopping, and had lunch at Catch downtown. Man, that place rocks. Mom and Dad arrived around 2:00 and we took them to the Verandas, where they were staying and where John and Nat decided to move. (We have a tiny house, one bathroom, and only have an aerobed, which wasn't too comfortable for Nat, since she'd hurt her back recently.)

Rooftops of Wilmington from the cupola of the Verandas, taken by my brother.

Then it was home to feed Snack-Man (my dad). He needed some sour jelly worms pretty bad. Once fortified, a batch of us hit the streets for the Teeter to finalize food shopping for the party. There was a considerable amount of errand-running for this soiree, lemme tell you. No telling how many miles we put on the car last week.

We didn't even bother bringing the loads from the shopping back to the house. No way we were squeezing one more thing in my house. Fortunately, my mother-in-law lives about four blocks from us and has a spare (and thankfully empty at the time) fridge in their garage. So she got to house the party food for me. Everything that didn't need to be refrigerated just got piled on the washer and dryer on the laundry porch at home. Yes, it was chaos. Always is.

Dinner was up next so we tidied ourselves up (some better that others - it took me all of two minutes to spill something on my shirt) and headed over to Marc's on Market, where they had set us up in a private dining area. Good call, since we're a rowdy bunch. (Not really). We waddled back satisfied and tired, ready to GET AFTER IT the next day.

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