Sunday, November 8, 2009

Turkey Spaghetti by the Fire

No, I don't have any pictures. Hush. We had dinner out by our new fire pit. No, it didn't end up like this.

Tres non! (That means something like "Very no!" in English. I think.) Which has nothing whatsoever to do with dinner or anything. Just so you know.

Spinach Salad with Oranges, Almonds and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Turkey Bolognese (which I've made before and posted)


No, not them really. I wish. Just on iTunes. While we sat with our dinner by the fire. It was really lovely.

The salad I made with spinach that Carol (holla!) brought me from a friend of theirs in Raleigh who grows a lot of produce. It was really good and fresh. I put some oranges on it, because it's just time for that now. Along with some chopped roasted almonds. Then I dressed it with a blood orange vinaigrette. 3 Tbs. of Blood Orange Vinegar, which I stumbled across at the Teeter, then a generous pinch of salt and sugar, a tsp. of ground pepper, and a tsp. of Dijon mustard, then about 4 Tbs. of olive oil. I prefer my dressings less oily, so I don't follow the normal proportion.

In other news, we totally screwed up our chance to kayak with Liz and her mens, Bob. We were supposed to drive up there and paddle over to Bear Island with them for Sunday.

Oh, Ok, Fine. It probably wasn't all dangerous and that. But it MIGHT have been! I doubt it was snowy, either. It got up to 75 and was sunny. And it's highly doubtful that I would have been all crumpled on the snow like that helpless damsel. No doubt I'd have been kicking serious Bear-Butt. Other than those minor discrepancies, though, I'm sure it would have been similar to the picture there. My Pootie Pie has been under some "stray-uss" lately, and he slept really late, then was kind of sluggish and it was so late by the time we got our fannies in the car to go, that it was really much too late in the day. So we wound up paddling on the Cape Fear River near downtown instead, then swiped some firewood from our friends Jack and Beth, came back here and had a relatively early dinner.

Filed under "things that went right", my mother-in-law picked up my Major Award for me from the fair. Now I have my gorgeous ribbons and $28 in ones in an envelope on my desk. I apparently got THREE DOLLARS for my blue ribbon, but TWENTY FIVE for Best of Show! I had no idea! I'm rich! I'm rich!

Now I'm going to go outside and enjoy the dying embers of the fire and chillax. Pleasant evening, people. All the best of the fall season!

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