Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

I sit here at my desk tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving, with a mouth-breathin' man behind me.

Pootie has a cold. He's feeling marginally better today than yesterday, but he's still sick. And we are firm believers in not going out and sharing the love with crowds of people. We will not be joining his family this year for Thanksgiving.

Ordinarily, I host Thanksgiving dinner. I have ever since we were married, almost 20 years ago. Before his parents moved here, his mom and dad would stay with us and she and I would cook together and it would usually be the four of us. Sometimes his sister and her family would join us, sometimes not. This year, however, we decided it would be fun for his parents to rent a beach house in Holden Beach from friends of ours. They invited Phillip's aunt and uncle and their kids and their families. A whole houseful of people for the first time in almost ever. We were going to head down there today and Mrs. Reid and I were going to cook Thanksgiving dinner together most of tomorrow. But since one of us is sickly and contagious, I made the dressing this morning and sent it and the uncooked turkey down to Holden Beach with Craig (Phillip's sister Diane's husband). They'll have to muddle through without us.

For the first time on Thanksgiving eve,  I'm not cleaning the house or doing prep for the dinner tomorrow. I'm simmering a beef curry and some brown rice. (That'll clear his sinuses!) And not actually feeling too sorry for myself about not being there.

Sure, we miss everyone, but I'm also trying pretty hard right now to drop a few lbs. before the (almost) annual holiday bash so I don't look like one of the creatures from Wal-Mart in my dress. And much as I love my mother-in-law's cooking, she is not noted for lowfat, heathy meals. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. I believe tonight's entree is lasagna. Three cheese lasagna. Three delicious cheeses which my hips and belly do not need. Along with plenty of wine, rolls, cakes and cookies which I simply don't have to contend with this year.

So I'll nurse my hot tea while I wait for dinner to cook, and look better in my dress for it. Tomorrow, we'll probably have a small little holiday dinner of our own, and we'll see the family when they get back Sunday.

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