Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fast Train to the Holidays

Oh, I have been negligent, I know. No new posts, no new dinners, no nothin'. It's been a week and a half. But I suspect you're as busy as I have been. It seems like the holidays are hurtling down on us faster this year. Don't get me wrong - I love it - bring it on! But there's some major things I need to plan and then cook for, and I seem to be stuck not doing either.

1. Andie's Annual Holiday Cookie Baking Extravaganzaaaaaaaaahhhhh! In which I get up, put on my iTunes list of Christmas music, (which, I see, is 25 hours long.Huh. Look at that. I'm missing some stuff. It should be longer.), put on some work clothes and my Chucks and play Godzilla with my kitchen playing Tokyo. Phillip usually slinks out the front door about the time the tunes start. I ship the cookies to my peeps at the office. But this year, I'm going to be making some extra and freezing them ahead for the (Almost) Annual Holiday Bash at 305. The date has been set for this glorious day of wallowing in baked goods- Saturday the 28th - but I have yet to decide on my list of cookies. They have to be delicious, and hold up well to shipping. Suggestions are welcome. Hit me up at

2. The (almost) Annual Holiday Bash at 305. No, that's not us. We're not THAT fat. Even after the baking extravaganzaaaaah. The date is set for that as well - the 19th - and the invitations have been sent. Minus the date. Nice job. I've fixed that, though. I think everyone knows now. But have I decided on the menu yet? Well, partially, but I'm still dinking with the side dishes. We'll definitely be doing beef stroganoff again, this year I'm also doing a salmon, and a giant fresh green salad, cookies for dessert, and I'll need some nibbles beforehand. (Nibbles, because I can't ever spell hors d'oeuvres without looking it up. Stinkin' French. I swear they only invented that language to make the rest of us look stupid.)

3. Thanksgiving. Yeah, I know, this one should be first, but it's the easiest. (And sure, we look just like this. Phillip's the guy in the way bottom right corner.) I really don't know why people get so worked up about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I remember the first one I ever did, I got up at the crack of dark to start cooking it, because I'd heard all these horror stories about how hard and time-consuming Thanksgiving dinner is. I was done by, like, 1:00 PM except for cooking the turkey and decided that since we weren't eating until 7:00, I probably should take a nap or something. It's just not that difficult a meal to me. You roast a bird, you cook a few side dishes, you're golden. The biggest pain in the butt is figuring out the oven shuffle since it seems like everything needs to be baked. This year, my in-laws have rented a beach house and we're hauling the whole shebang up there. I usually host it here. And I suspect after this year, everyone will be ready for me to reclaim that honor. We'll have a good time, but I think all the stuff-schlepping we're going to have to do is going to be good for one year and we'll call it good. I hope it's not going to be as big a hassle as I'm afraid it's going to be. We'll see.
So this has been kind of consuming my mental energy lately, plus the cookbook project I'm still working on for beginner-people, and while yes, I have been cooking dinners for us, I haven't been blogging them. Sorry. Tonight, we're going out to a Korean BBQ, which I'll blog on my other site if it's good.

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