Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stewed Vegetables and Halibut

No, no pictures. I'm still sulking from my last failure. Which is cumulative, of course.

Hush your complaining. Here's a Halibut.
I hope you've learned something. Please note that the Caudal fin is slightly indented.

Can I just lay it all out here for you? Yes, I can. I know you won't tell anyone. I was really not all that excited about this dinner. I tried to elevate my interest in it by adding a side of white beans, but even that didn't tap dance for me. Here was the menu.

Grilled Halibut

Stewed Farmer's Market Vegetables (Note: The "farmer's market" designation is to make them sound fancier!)

White Beans (tappity, tappity, tappity)

See, now I know some of you are going, "Well, geez, no wonder! That dinner sounds awful!" It wasn't awful, it just wasn't ... mmmmmAwesomMMmmmme!" It was...(yawn).

Now, Phillip loved it. He raved over the Halibut, which was flaky (in the good way, not in the "I'll-meet-you-then-not-show-oh-something-came-up" way), and everything a fish should be, apparently. In deference to his preferences, and my deeply ingrained Indifference to Fish, I just salted and peppered it and put it on the grill with a little olive oil. He gobbled like a turkey. I had my obligatory four bites and declared it "fine". I mean, it's fish. What more can you say?

The vegetables were a stewed mixture of tomatoes, okra, roasted red pepper, and grilled white eggplant (added at the last minute). He loved that also. Has been eating the leftovers cold for lunch. I thought they were fine. I mean, it's stewed vegetables. What more can you say?

The white beans were, well, white beans. Simmered with a chopped onion. I could rave about these all day, though. I love me some legumes. Really! Hey, cut me some slack. I'm a confessed Brown Food person. I need to write a blog about what that means.

Aaannnyway. Dinner was fine. Just fine. Not noteworthy. Not photograph worthy. (Not that it matters.)

Now, THAT was a boring post. Here's a picture of a monster truck to wake you back up.


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John Payne said...

You needed that picture yesterday. Becuase it was, "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUUUUNDAY!!!"